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Justine Tennant


Liverpool, England, UK

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Evening Mourning


Justine Tennant

I typed "evening" into the search engine
"buy and sell evening on e bay"

it enticed me
I was intrigued, so I clicked

Everything comes at a price
In this modern millennium

"Will be glad to combine orders
and adjust shipping accordingly"

OK, give me the evening of our first kiss
Combine it with the evening I betrayed you

Let me relive those moments
Priority shipping

"Your order will be shipped
within 1 day after we receive payment"

I will be paying a lifetime
Waiting for the evening

Of the score

© Justine Tennant 2003

Hothouse Flower


Justine Tennant

in the ornate crystal palace

of her own design

through the cracks

from time to time she looks

past her own reflection

and picks up a pebble

To The Letter


Justine Tennant

Suspension of disbelief
Has never been my strong point
Always taking the literal meaning

My mother used to say "Give me some peace!"
I wanted to know where I could find some
So I could bring it to her

So when the computer screen said
"lick any of the buttons on the right hand side"

How was I supposed to know there was a "c" missing!



Justine Tennant

The times I think of you

are in the quiet moments

when I smoke a cigarette

memories rise like smoke


With each inhalation

I think of moments

we shared

and exhale deeply


You're only there

in the quiet moments

I must give up

this bad habit



Justine Tennant

"Dear Sappho"


In ‘Art History’

Finding a seat

Amongst ‘Famous Poets’

I turn the pages

Amid the classics

Then to foreign shores

Laying you to rest

With lexicon and thesaurus

The enquiring reader



Puts you down

"Dear Sappho"

Like you

I refuse to be


Breath (haiku)


Justine Tennant

whispers of lovers

leave images in water

just condensation

Smouldering Passion


Justine Tennant

Moisten your lips, draw me close
Your insatiable hunger, I feed on
We share a mutual dependency

I am your comfort, your solace
I am your first waking thought
And the last thing you need

You long for me and I
Take your breath away
That first sweet, deadly embrace
And I knew you were mine

That satisfying surrender

You found me, waiting for you
But you cast me aside at your whim
Once used, I mean nothing to you

I know I am easily dispensable
For you will go to some street corner
Or other and pay for another

Packet of cigarettes

Over the Edge (or the extreme reaction to criticism)


Justine Tennant

She’d tried many things over the years
In a vain attempt to compete with her peers
She was drawn to him like a moth to a flame
But for him it was only ever a game

So witty and charming and erudite
For her it was simply love at first sight
He was cultured, well travelled and interesting
"Is this what it feels like; ‘the real thing’"?

But next to him she couldn’t compare
He was the one with the gifts and the flair
So, eager to prove herself, to try and impress
She started to write, to freely express

Her feelings and thoughts easily flowed
Now she would show him what praise she was owed
"I’ve finally found something I can do well
And he is the first person I want to tell!"

They went out for dinner to a place she knew well
Now was her moment to try and excel
With baited breath, she revealed her new craft
But her heart nearly stopped as he howled and he laughed

"The grammar’s appalling, didn’t you learn at school
In the art of writing, punctuation’s the rule?"
In a mocking voice, he corrected her spelling
"This literature of yours is hardly ‘best-selling’"

He mocked and derided but she hid her shame
And laughed along, she would play his game
On the precipice, by the edge of the lake
As they kissed in the moonlight

she released the hand-brake!

She finally found something she could do well
The only snag was, who could she tell?

Le Pain


Justine Tennant

A woman is like

a loaf of bread

waiting to be


Ladybird Books


Justine Tennant

First day on the job
Trying to impress
‘Use the customer’s name!’
To give the call finesse


So eager to accommodate
And to do my best
To create the right rapport
This was my ultimate test


The call dropped into my headset
My mentor close to hand
It was a 'Lady', double-barrelled!
Well-spoken and quite grand


So right throughout the call
I didn’t miss a chance
To call her by her monica
Her experience to 'enhance'


Her voice began to falter
But she never said a word
I bid her a pleasant day
With my colleague I then conferred


But she was laughing hysterically
‘Oh, that was so funny!’
‘She wasn’t a member of the upper set’
'She works for a publishing company!'


I peered closely at my monitor
Her name wasn’t hyphenated!
There in black and white
Was the company name she’d stated!

Old Flame (haiku)


Justine Tennant

yore remembered flame
rekindled in icy hearth
extinguished too soon

Let's Get Classical


Justine Tennant

lying in the bath
as 'From Foreign Lands'
plays, she recalls those
other times and places
and sinks deeper into
the clouded waters
where the razor lies
of the past, she ponders
knowing these distant
longings always return
as the music reaches
crescendo, so does she

To The Left!


Justine Tennant

I'm a left handed geek

I say tongue in cheek ;-)

artistic types generally are


my right frontal brain

is the part that's to blame

cos right controls left and vice versa


so can you imagine

the mental confusion

going on in this synaptic region!


It's my strong belief

and a bloomin' relief

That I wasn't born ambidextrous!

Can You Tell?


Justine Tennant

left right










right left


I can't

At the Planetarium


Justine Tennant

I listened

neck craned

eyes wide

while his hand


towards Venus

I saw stars

and the heavens



I swear the earth


A Curious Secret


Justine Tennant

When I said that I read

Vita Sackville-West

He didn't get it

When I said I had a yen

To visit Llangollen

and bask in the past

of those infamous ladies

He still didn't get it

When I wrote I was smote

in a Sapphic type verse

He just didn't get it

I even told him of my passion

for Balthus' "Guitar Lesson"

yet he still didn't get it!

So while we watched

"Gazon Maudit"

and he sat there


I asked him to join us

Now he gets it!

An Ode to the Great British Day out!


Justine Tennant

In memory of many happy family days out at Ainsdale Beach :-)


"Quick, the sun is shining

we have to make the most

get your bucket and spade

let's get down to the coast!"


"Pack up the picnic and barbecue

and don't forget the deck chairs

the beach ball is in the garage

and the cool box is under the stairs"


"Make sure you bring the swing ball

the boules and the cricket bat

and better bring some sun cream

oh, and don't forget your hat!"


"Now, is the car all loaded?

don't make me go back again!"

"Dad, you forgot the umbrella

look, it's started to rain!"

Childhood Summer (haiku)


Justine Tennant

warm fizzy cola

sandwiches complete with sand

Ice cream and wind breaks


;-) burp


Wouldn't be summer without those stripy wind breaks would it!? haha


Fleeting Haiku


Justine Tennant

ephemeral light
capture it quickly because
too soon the darkness