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Udaya R. Tennakoon


Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

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It is a matter of faces


Udaya R. Tennakoon

It is useless to pour water
To a downward pot
Though it is necessarily critical
In a drought of thirst

Person in pretence of sleep
It is difficult to wake up
Though it is necessarily critical
In a moment of danger

Adorable words accent and gestures
For the means of democracy
It is a witch of crazy
Though it is necessarily critical
In a state of power egoism

Forging smirking before the people
To conciliate hearts for votes and power
It is matter of fact today
Though it is necessarily critical
In a reflection before the mirror

Down to earth deconstruction
To purify the heart and mind
It is a matter of duty the day
Though it is necessarily critical
In the age of e- enlightenment

Gods and Pinnacles


Udaya R. Tennakoon

Over the houses of living beings
Places of Gods
Pinnacles of
And temples
Colossal and magnificent
Glorious scare in the air
Those Gods never expected

Birds that fly in sky
Sometimes perch on that
And have a rest
Being a God of God

Without any care
Invaded investors
Build their glorious tombs
Exceeding the pinnacles

Gods and agents are silent
They want them
To scare the bellow and to follow
For the splendid survival