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Olive E. L. Taylor


May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica

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Wonderful Parents


Olive E. L. Taylor

There are wonderful parents all around,
These people are special and are easily found.
It takes love, patience, hard work and care,
To be wonderful parents, year after year.

Moral values, good discipline and religious knowledge,
Wonderful parents impart to children, before they go
To college.
Comfortable environment and adequate food, will always
Be available, even if children are rude.

Wonderful parents will always make sure they know,
Where ever their children would go,
And counsel them real polite,
That they should never get in a fight.
Great emphasis they will make, concerning education,
Character and avoiding mistakes.

Wonderful parents will always be ready to help,
In whatever circumstances arise, in poverty or wealth.

There is no limit to the age of children,
Love has no boundry, no stop sign, no dead end.
Wonderful parents deserve every praise,
Parenting is very challenging and takes a lot these days.

Wise Shoppers


Olive E. L. Taylor

Wise Shoppers make a list and budget right.
These people focus on priorities ,
and put other things out of sight.

They look for bargains and make money stretch,
satisfied with what they can afford,
if other things they cannot fetch.

Wise Shoppers will use their cash ,
and leave the credit cards.
for their goods they can limit,
when cash is on guard,
and at the end of the day,
there is no one to owe,
as sometimes having credit,
can cause so much woe.

Be wise shoppers
and shop with a plan,
you will be more organized
and able to stand.



Olive E. L. Taylor

God is love and so should we,
For love is vital for every family.
To love one another, was ordained
from above,
But love seemed unheard of is as quiet
as a Dove.

The love of many shall wax cold,
But God can return love in a
double fold.
For love unites and binds together,
that which seemed impossible
and scattered forever.

So give love, share love, take
love and let us all live love.



Olive E. L. Taylor

Pride is not really
a wonderful thing.
If you exercise it,
you could mostly walk in sin.

Allow humility to
overcome pride, and with
love and gentleness, you can ride.

Pride can cause one
to suffer a great deal,
when one feels too big,to make an appeal.
Do not allow pride to steal your success
for it might be too late, when you want to protest.

Put pride behind you and get down to earth,
Life is too short, so enjoy what it's worth.



Olive E. L. Taylor

Self-control determines
who you are.
Know yourself and be the same,
whether near or far.

Self-control produces a peace,
that cannot be disturbed.
If you are calm, no matter what,
your voice will be softly heard.

Self-control comes from within,
when you are thinking right.
You will never go overboard,
or even try to fight.

Self-control can prevent
lots of trouble.
Just be conscious, be alert
and anything you can settle.

Walk away


Olive E. L. Taylor

Walk away from the things that are
Secure yourself and just be strong.
Walk away from the dangers ahead,
be wise and know the things
to dread.

Walk away, if there is trouble for you,
and keep out of what , might cause a fued.
Walk away from the wrong crowd,
just be seperated, do not be loud.

You can avoid lots of trouble everyday,
if you only learn to walk away.

You Can Win


Olive E. L. Taylor

You can win, if you continue
the race,
Don't look back, just keep drying
your face.

The finish line might be far ahead,
But keep going, do not stop instead.

You can win, just be a good runner,
if you are not too swift, you are
only slower.

At the end of the race, you will
You can certainly win, if you proceed.

Thoughts beyond


Olive E. L. Taylor

God knows our Thoughts Beyond.
He sees our every need, as the
days go on.

Thoughts Beyond, is much more than
you,leave them where they are and
they will come true.

Beyond the horizons, human eyes cannot
so are our thoughts beyond, they are
invisible as can be.

Search your heart, as you go along.
Think of all the good things, enough,
to be in your Thoughts Beyond.

The Responsible Man


Olive E. L. Taylor

The responsible man is one who is very organized,
He plans ahead of time and starts at sunrise.
There is no problem to communicate with him,
For before you ask, he will tell you everything.

The responsible man keeps a united family,
Who look forward to seeing him home,
and greet him happily.
He will make sure his finances are monitored,
so he does not have to borrow, credit or be referred.

The responsible man can be easily identified,
He displays his actions everywhere,
and has nothing to hide.
Everyone can appreciate the responsible man,
for he is a man that one can understand.

The Career Woman


Olive E. L. Taylor

The Career Woman is well organized,
She puts her things in order and is
early to rise.
Away to work she goes, five days a week,
neatly dressed in her tailored suits,
sometimes with pleats.

The Career Woman might even be a wife,
And has to fit in with family life.
It is sometimes hard for her to do both,
But her determination for independence,
will keep her afloat.

She studied for what she wants to aquire,
And will continue until her time to retire.

I Shall Arise


Olive E. L. Taylor

Although I have been bruised,
Discouraged and cast down,
I shall arise.

My days sometimes are gloomy,
cloudy and bleak,
But hope peeps at me and shows
no defeat.

I shall arise,
To proclaim my victory over the
enemies I meet, for without a battle,
there is no one to beat.

I shall arise,
After all my trials and pain,
And receive my blessings, like showers
of rain.

I shall arise,
I will make another start and renew
my name.

I shall arise,
I shall arise,
And strive for that great prize.