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Annette Tavitian


Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Annette Tavitian

Lust takes you, then breaks you apart
It gives you hopes, dreams and fantasies
Then destroys them.
It destroys your heart by smashing it,
Into a thousand tiny pieces.

Infatuation then comes along and hurts you,
It makes you cry, it makes you sick
It makes you ache for more
And gives you hope to carry on
When you know there's nothing left.

Lust and infatuation give you false impressions
You think something will happen
Yet it doesn't. They are merciless
And are out to hurt you
So you won't ever want to fall in love.

Like A Hawk


Annette Tavitian

Like a hawk I watch you
Your every move, every step
So graciously your feet fall
And I stare, stare in interest

The way you touch your lips
With the end of the cigarette
The way you smile, with laughing eyes
I watch you, like a hawk for prey

Like a hawk I come closer
Watching the calm look on your face
You lean in to put out your cigarette
Then gently reach in the pack, for another

I get up, like a hawk I circle you
Watch you bring the glass to your lips
Delicately sipping, sipping so slowly
Watch you at every angle, then I sit

Like a hawk I make my move
I have watched you, checked you
Now I touch your hand, feel it
Play with it, flirt with you

So Fake


Annette Tavitian

So fake, like me
Sitting behind that screen
Waiting for someone to come
And wipe away the loneliness

So fake, it's true
There's nothing better
Than to sit behind that keyboard
And whinge about life

So fake, so real
Speaking for hours, basking in boredom
Spreading rumours and lies
All of this to cure boredom

So fake, so unrealistic
WHy are we wasting time?
What has the net got to offer?
Why do we lie to ourselves and others?

So fake, so dumb
Hyping ourselves up
Trying to fit in, being someone we're not
Fooling ourselves and others



Annette Tavitian

You call me
Yet you know I am busy.
You whine to me
Yet you know it is annoying.
You flirt with me
Yet you know it's pathetic.
When are you going to stop?

You cry to me
Because you know I will listen.
You speak to me
Beceause you know I really care.
You spend time with me
Because you think I am good looking.
When will you give it up?

You talk about girls
It's a new one every day.
You try to make me jealous
It's not working anyway.
You act sleazy
It won't get you anywhere.
When are you going to grow up?

You say you are wonderful
It really gets on my nerves.
You boast about how sexy you are
It really is sickening.
You want to date a girl just for the sake of it
It shows how low you'll go.
When will you get over it?

Alone, I Know


Annette Tavitian

Alone, sitting in my room once again
I know, things will never be the same.
Alone, I hear the sound of madness
I know, that all I'll feel is sadness.

Alone, I wish you were here with me
I know, you're not coming back to me.
Alone, there's nothing here to hide
I know, you're not here by my side.

Alone, I wonder where our love went
I know, the time we had was not well spent.
Alone, I cover my face
I know, when to give you space.

Alone, I can feel the pain
I know, things will never be the same.
Alone, where I really want to be
I know, that it is best for me.



Annette Tavitian

There she sits
In her dark blue dress
Hand on the bottle
Her life in a mess

Who would have thought
That she would have mastered
Eight whole drinks
And not be plastered

She sits alone
Her friends all around
But still she choses
To sit there and frown

Talking to people
Makes it all worse for her there
What would she say?
Why would they care?

So there she continues
To drink all alone
Ignoring her mates
Making no tone

She has nothing to say
And nothing to fear
Alone with a drink
Alone with a beer

Don't Be Sad


Annette Tavitian

Cry at night
Weep at day
Think of me
For I will stay

Stay by you
In my heart
For you know
That we won't part

If we are
A bit away
We can communicate

Just like this
Will do me fine
But when we talk
There's not much time

Never time
To express to you
That my love
Is always true

You and I
Are really tight
And I think
That we won't fight

Maybe we
Will get upset
But through it all
We will regret

Regret the way
We then had felt
And together
We will melt

Melt into
A web of love
And you will see
From all above

That in my eyes
You're something great
And really babe
That's no mistake

For every word
I say, I mean
And you know now
I'm really keen

Keen on loving
You by heart
And now my love
I do depart

No Sleep


Annette Tavitian

Lying awake
I wonder where the sun has gone.

Once again
Trying to comprehend my life.

The silence
Is forever maddening me.

The dark
Is always there for me.

I hear
The ticking of the clock.

I realise
My life is just the same.

A clock
That keeps on ticking.

A life
That's never satisfying.

Too many
Thoughts in my head to understand.

I keep
Thinking about them over and over again.

These thoughts
Stop me from trying to sleep.

Trying to find
A reason for the problems.

Lying awake
I wonder where my life has gone.

Blind In The Eyes


Annette Tavitian

For I never saw true beauty till this day,
And all the beauty I saw was with you.
I saw something that would take a lifetime
For someone else to see,
And I saw it all in one day.

I saw true love right in front of me.
Although that love was far, it was real
For the person whom I loved felt the same
Felt he was close,
And I kept it all in one day.

I witnessed a love without words,
A love full of friendship and bonding.
Actions through every move, bringing us closer
As I lay there in your arms,
And I felt it all in one day.

There really wasn't much to say to you,
For my actions said it all.
They told you I was happy, I knew you were too.
For I could feel it in your touch,
And I held you all in one day.

Who Is That Girl?


Annette Tavitian

Who is that girl who sits alone?
Who is that girl without a tone?
She doesn't laugh, she doesn't smile
She just watches people for a while.

When people come up to her to talk
She gets up to go for a walk.
No voice, no tone
The girl who is alone.

With no one, she sits
With no group, she fits.
She prefers no one
She sits, as one.

She watches the couples dance,
As they go into romantic trance.
She thinks, as tears run down her face
"For me, there is no place."

So alone, so afraid
With people, she would trade
To have her life, the same as they,
Her life, she would want that way.

Who is that girl who sits alone?

The Struggle


Annette Tavitian

Welcome to my chamber of darkness
Where light cannot be seen
Where people come and go
And death has clearly been

Come to my world of madness
Where love cannot exist
And all the slow seductiveness
Are those you can't resist

Feel the pain and torture
Taste the juice of blood-divine
Where those who enter, never leave
And are threatened on the line

Feel the stab of a thousand knives
Let it enter through your heart
And watch your body lie in pain
As you slowly fall apart

We all endure the suffering
As we isolate our lives
And in this sad foresaken land
We struggle to survive



Annette Tavitian

Moving, always moving
No destination,
Just a plan to leave.

Pack up everything
Leave this place,
Have a better life.

Once again on the road
So barren and long,
Who knows where theyíll go.



Annette Tavitian

Sitting alone, I stare out at the playground
Children laughing, smiling, playing
But Iím not.

They donít know Iím here, no one does
All they see is a loner, a girl with no life
A girl who is quiet.

I keep to myself, hands in my lap
I speak when Iím spoken to
I smile when I must.

But yet I cant enjoy my life like them
They outcast me, they donít understand
The way that I think.

So I continue to watch them smile and laugh
As they play and giggle
And I keep to myself.



Annette Tavitian

You whine, you cry
You think about yourself
You want to die

You lock yourself away, you're upset
When people want to see you
You say no, and donít regret

You complain, you're suicidal
You think that cutting yourself
Is your only escape
You whine, you cry
You think only of yourself
You're selfish

Nothing To Say


Annette Tavitian

Once we had a dream,
We did everything together.
Now I miss your laugh,
And you have nothing to say

Experiences well taken,
None that I regret.
Now I miss your smile,
And I have nothing to say.

Someday in the near future,
We'll meet once again.
Now I miss your touch,
And we have nothing to say.