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Ayesha Tariq


Karachi, Pakistan

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The Day I accepted my Defeat


Ayesha Tariq

Vision started to blur
Head seemed to spin
Imagination started to run fast
When my mind didnít work

I stared at the exam paper
With wide , blank opened eyes
I knew I couldnít do it
A thought very unwise

I tried to remember those informative long hour lectures
Those lines which I had learned so hard
Those technical notes which I myself had prepared
Those conceptual demonstrations which I had given in front of the class

But my mind had come to a dead end
As I had forgotten my tools of defense

I began to think that I had a very stupid mind
Which could not remember thing of any kind

From that day onwards I started considering myself a rubbish bin
Of whom you could easily open the lid and throw the trash in

After that very exam I got badly discouraged
From my mind hard understood lectures slowly began to fade

I stopped putting my effort in learning
Which later I realized I did a very foolish thing

I stopped believing in the quote "hard work leads to success"
When it didnít pay me what I deserved , then for me it was useless

So I bowed my head so high to failure
I said "I surrender before you , I am yours forever"

The exams that followed were very easy for those who had put even a little effort in
But for me difficult who had not bothered to learn even a single thing

I realized my mistake when I came to know the result
The poor-workers whom I ignored so much were on top of the list
For this time nothing was difficult

I too could have been among those smiling , cheerful faces
I too would have experienced the same feeling of pleasure
If_.if I hadnít accepted my defeat that day
And had fought with courage and determination

I still now feel guilty
At my stupidity
For surrendering before failure so easily

The day still bothers me
The day I accepted my DEFEAT

She Lives For Herself Only


Ayesha Tariq

Her pleasures are her pleasures only
with no companions she still is not lonely
She strives for herself only
it doesn't mean that she's selfish surely
she shares her sorrows with her heart
if they exceed in sobs she burst
she wants to be kind and a help to others
but those people of hers can't bear anyone's kindness further
she sometimes makes only a mistake
but those people of hers create of hatred a lake
after all she's a human
on this attitude loses patience
this angers those people even more
at her they yell till their hearts are sore
they shower her with responsibilities all the more
among them make her feel insecure
but after all the exasperating attitude she wants to see them pleased and happy
she tries to do all the jobs to make them happy
she sometimes becomes as cheerful and merry as others
but those uncaring people always her do bother
they see her as a burden on themselves and their joys
quickly get irritated if she asks something little that she requires
they don't even let her study in peace
ordering every now and then makes her feel displeased
she sometimes feel like killing herself
but shudders at the thought of answering God for her evil act
so 'O' people of this world
learn to care for others hearts