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Jenny Tapani


Uppsala, Sweden

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it96jet@Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE (Jenny Tapani )

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The Chair


Jenny Tapani

A chair in a room by the river
a bubbling - spirited - river
A white marble room with a sky-coloured floor
A room with three windows - east, west and north
The easternmost window has shutters before it
The eye to the west is of dark tainted glass
Through the north window the breeze is billowing
clattering, chilling, howling at all
A meadow of emerald beyond the bubbling brook
A tree of Ashes stands tall and green

a comfortable chair of a paler hue
the river runs clear and cold
Sit in the chair by your window of choise
and I'll be out there waiting

In the south wall there isn't a window
no glass to the outside, but inward you glance
The door in the south wall is of heaviest oak
with inlay of mirror reflecting the west
Reflecting what you see through that westwindow
Or being there still, when you look out the north

If you can't pry it open you haven't begun
to see what it looks like inside yourself
So sit in the chair by your chosen window
but better yet - go through the door



Jenny Tapani

Let the molten rock run
over the hands and joints
Joining together in warm delight
the body to a harmony

A harmony of pleasure
one in pure desire
The body writhes and turns
to the rhythm of the rock

Writhing and coiling the molten rock
will shred the body in twain
Break it into pieces
with the force of a falling trunk

Only no one will yell out
- Timber! as no one can see
What is going on underneath
in the warm depths of the earth



Jenny Tapani

Wring from your brow
a bead of sweat
Let it roll down your cheek

Shut your eyes tight
from the pain of it all
Leave the world alone to itself

Open your mouth to scream
let your throuat contract
In an endlessly long note of fear

Haiku (Battle)


Jenny Tapani

Beauty is the sword
Weilded by the warior
Shining in battle



Jenny Tapani

Tangled hair in a bank
of seaweed
drifts along with the current

Long tendrils of seaweed
and hair, it
catches hold of a pine-root

Twisting the hair now
drags along
the bloated body of me

Twirling the hair now
pulls it up
deformed limbs and face

The small pine wavers
falling down
it pulls the body along

Waiting to die.


Jenny Tapani

What could you do, when you saw me?
How could I tell you to stop?
What could you do but just that?
How could I tell you; I'm fine?

What else could you do but help me survive?
How could I tell you to let me die?

The rest of my life was spent in a trance
You could but save me a while
I died in my bed while waiting for you
To bring me your blanket of love

While waiting for you to come
I slipped away like I should

By the water.


Jenny Tapani

By the water's edge I sat
shedding the salty tears
On a boulder of granite
crying like a child
Like a child in the night
I sat there shedding tears



Jenny Tapani

Wandering, Walking
Meandering, Strolling

Shifting in the tide of time
Growing and receding

Ever changing melodies
Tunes that stay the same

In gullability and reason
Man has at all times been huge

Waiting for the traffic light
To turn to green or red

Must we always wonder
What will befall us all

Why can we not accept it
The pain, the misery

How could we embrace it
The Horror, The DEATH