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Paul Synarc


Pointe-Claire, QC, CA

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An offering


Paul Synarc

Hopeless dreams are black and white
where sorrows wallow in the mud,
where dawn will break with broken light
and time takes on the color blood.

I enter the day
to peddle my images
and slip into the night
to escape from your cages...

I dance with snakes that fuck my mind
with dogs that come out in the rain,
with creatures of a comparable kind,
with those that bear the mark of Cain.

Our music in a government,
a politic of many tongues
intent to rise and reinvent,
and breathe new life into our lungs.

A darkness falls as voices gather,
and gather we do as the voice of contrition.
The lamb is ready for the slaughter
as we all embrace it with renunciation.