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Jay Swanepoel

Jay Swanepoel


Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

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Between factory walls


Jay Swanepoel

The late afternoon shows face
and the dullness of care surfaces;
To be blocked from air,
concrete and gas encircling me
And I cannot get out.

My breast starts to ache
As I reach for the poison herbs,
Anything to escape
The afternoon of this day!
I think to myself
How great -
One and a half years and a day;
But this be not just another Friday.

The bleeding starts to show
Like a year or two ago-
Factory walls stealing
All of my breath away.
I look to the stars
but found sink plates
pressing down on me;
my earth trembling

I wish I could explain
darkness covering day.
And if only I could run
Like my dreams of yesterday;
Will I be set free
Or be caught in another way?

But now, itís getting late
as the afternoon fades.
Lonac sends for me right away
she wonít let go, Iím always there
Not another year, not even a day;
Factory walls to keep me locked away.

Upon fallling asleep (Seven Days In Recess)


Jay Swanepoel

Scarecrow on my ceiling
and vultures in my sleep;
me drifting somewhere in between
wishing I could be seen.
sleeping reliance
awakened by dreams
and now itís too late
itís now dwelling in my day
until I fall asleep again
and there, you I will meet,
restlessly I will wake
fearing sleep as it compensates.
I wish I could
But simply cannot

Self Portrait


Jay Swanepoel

For hours I have tried
With insight and imagination
Picturing myself;
To show my life.
No color could match but black-
They have told me this;
That itíd be difficult
To portray an empty space

The Solicit


Jay Swanepoel

Silence of the tower erupted
from afar storm winds stirred.
A dark moon swayed above
and my eyes lifted and I sincerely asked;
"Will it be tonight,
or will it be another?"
And as that came the stormy winds
and serenity came to mind.
Silently with sorrow I asked
"Will it be tonight,
when rain is heavy, skies dark,
that my redemption shall arrive?
To deliver and thus set me free
Will it be tonight, please listen,
as I solicited, my peace shall glisten?"

Will it be on this dark, stormy,
yet guarded night?
That I shall find?

I beg. I seek. I gain none.
Will it be tonight or will it not?