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David Hunter Sutherland


Fishkill, NY, US

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A Stay in Acceleration


David Hunter Sutherland

Dedicated to my wife.

On stilts, Cyrano courts Neptune
blind to the
time-worn cracks and
centuries coarse ephesias,
of her moons. Gone this view
of her suns,
behind half-opened doors
Susanna finishes Figaro,
Daedalus takes wing,
and the price of cloves falter...
Stay !
this beaten path,
balm it with a lullaby and
Grind it too a halt.
(In her absence),
shiploads will burn.

Three(3) Jane


David Hunter Sutherland

Mammon will rise!
From foundation's ruptured neuroses of
Feign a limit of foreign serenity and
lay in a chalkers' cube outline
faking IT...between the grid-locks of
a 7th avenue lay tickertape of legibles our
legends in transit...

Spring on a new world,
songs to a harvest of
asphalt and shopping carts'
wired wheels:
arrogance bred from futility and hummed
to a caretakers 'auld lang syne'
of a world
still left breathing.

Auld Lang Syne #3


David Hunter Sutherland

Dreamers are stripping a Fury
feathers are angels' half strung,
Mozarts' adorned in Bouves' jewelry
drinking and chasing a nun.

Remember the salt in the quarry
drill bits and thorns up the arse,
coiffeurs smoke bury the jury
polebears are many too one...

We can't unfasten her buttons
we struggle succor, sweet sun
lord is a memory forgotten
Wheat pilfered, brittled or none

...A stranger is wetting their trousers
...I smell the smoke in her eyes time I share these same cottons
...Jesus or Judah we lie

They're but a flash in the fire
and a flash in the fire, I know
are choirs sweet merry forgotten...while
I simply cock, lock & load.



David Hunter Sutherland

Angel in resin
a flutter frozen
in the hard crustacean
of Time.

Vacillations which spread
whispers to thunders
as the lips part,

accolades mercurial jitter
form in procession to
a closing fifth.

Soon the tamarind arms unfold,
Orange skin drenched to temples' weaving strands,
dark strays and catacomb footmaps
to stars

And the eyes, bitter-sweet toffy
strong as an aftertaste lingers
of disguised rouge,
air and water,
tart blood.