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Anusha Suresh


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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My School


Anusha Suresh

I love my school
My school is nice
I can learn many things
And become bright and wise.

We have so many teachers
To help and guide us.

We learn what’s right ,
What is wrong
And increase our
Brain power and might.

The Cat


Anusha Suresh

There was once a cat
Who was very fat
His eyes were coloured green
In the night they could be seen
And they called him Matt.

The clouds


Anusha Suresh

Little blue clouds up in the sky
Oh! How I wish I could fly
And hold on to them and cry
To all the people on the earth- goodbye, goodbye.

Mr. Mosqee


Anusha Suresh

Slurp ! Slurp ! Slurp !
I smell warm juicy blood
I see a human being
And I zoom in with a zing

Buzz ! Buzz ! Buzz !
Around his ears I sing
He swats and I dodge
Before I land upon my prey

Hmmm... Hmmmm... Hmmmm...
I suck and drink my fill
Dancing and dodging still
I spread malaria and dengue flu
So be careful of me , do.