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Mehra Sultan


Lahore, Pakistan

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Mehra Sultan

If only i cud fly,
I wud fly high n feel da sky,
I wud be able to see da clouds touchin me
n i`ll see da world,
Dis so called big world dat aint so big,
I wud fly frm one sky to an other
n reach to a place where i`ll be able to change things accordin to ma imagination,
Where i`ll be able to live da beauty of life n not da sorrow dats touches it,
If only i kne how to reach to a place dat only exist in ma mind,
If only i cud fly,
If only i kne...



Mehra Sultan

I am doing things living people do but i dont feel alive,
I feel like i am trapped in a grave cause wen i try to see all i see is
darkness that surrounds me,
I try to hear but all i can hear is the sound of worms eating me,
I try to say,yell,scream but sumhow ma words n voice die in me,
I try to think but ma thoughts are more focused on is how i m decaying,
I want to move, to run but where to go,
Breathin now become more suffocating than ever before,
The only feeling thats left behind is pain,
Even in this pain, darkness n no desire to live on i am tryin to hold on to the only priceless thing that i have ever possessed