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Trevor O. Sullivan


Mayo, Ireland

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Beautiful Candle


Trevor O. Sullivan

In 1995 I had 2 Liver Transplants. I was 21.
During that time 2 girls died. One while awaiting a heart
and lung transplant. She was 18 and called Orla.
The other girl was Eileen and she died after rejecting her fourth liver transplant.
This poem is dedicated to them.

Beautiful candle
Flickering bright
Beautiful candle
Full of lifes light
Flickering candle
Youll soon dissapear
Flickering candle
With God there no fear
You left many gifts and dreams unfulfilled
Castles in heaven soon you will build
Your sweet dreams embraced all and filled us with peace
May God bear your burdens and put you at ease
Your spirit and memory will always remain
The friendship you gave me will still stay the same
Beautiful candle flickers again
Flickers in heaven
God Bless You Amen