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If you have previously published poetry on the Web Poetry Corner, we have a new way for you to submit additional poems. Go to your home page and you will find a button labeled Submit New Poem right under your email address.
We will accept submissions from any and everybody. To submit your poetry, fill out the form below or, if your browser does not support forms, click on the words Your Poetry below. Before you do so, please read these intructions very carefully. In particular, make sure you include your location (city, state, country only) with EVERY submission. We retain the right to decide what will and will not go into this poetry corner, but we will not censor your work. If you wish to publish in your own native tongue rather than English, we will try to accommodate you. The nature of Web publishing does not allow us to duplicate extremely intricate spacing. Indeed, the rule is quite simple. All text which is not left justified will be indented one tab. Keep this in mind when designing your poems.

Note to current or future poets:

All poets retain the copyrights to their work. The mere fact of the poem being published under your name and location establishes that copyright. Please do NOT include your own custom copyright notice in the poem itself. We will remove it if you do.

We would like each of you to send in one graphic of your choice for us to reproduce on your home page. We need you to send us your image in some electronic format. We can handle almost any format. You can send a image of whatever; you, your family, your neighborhood, your favorite dog, whatever. Also, make sure you send along the city, state and country of your origin so we can publish it with your name. It will give your readers an idea of the geographic diversity you represent. Thanks for contributing your work.

Note: Make sure you include your name, location and email address with EVERY submission!

If you have previously published poetry, the "submit new poem" button on your homepage will take care of most of this for you. That means, if you already have a homepage, use the form on that page, NOT this one! It will save both you and us a lot of work.

Submit a poem for analysis.
If you have comments or suggestions for Willy, you can contact him at: (Willy Chaplin)


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