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Brooke Stilla


Thunder Bay, ON, CA

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Our Love, Her Love


Brooke Stilla

Our Love, Her Love

Our love was torn apart, by someone who needed you.
Our love was delecate like a rose, and like and insect, she chewed it up.
Our love was like rain drops in a sun-shower, she was like a cloud that
made that rain stop.
Our love was like a dream, and she came like the morning and woke us up.
Our love was like steel and she came like a torch and melted us down.
Our love was like a thousand armies, and like Hitler, she killed our
emotions off one by one.
Our love was like a beautiful flower, but she came like the frost, and made
our love freeze.
Our love was strong!
But now I am as strong as steel, and I have the looks of a beautiful flower,
I have the will to proceed,
and the courage to move on,
I hope your love with her,
is as strong as our love was for so long.