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Ank J. Steadyspear


Eindhoven, N/A, The Netherlands

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A Pattern If You Are Black


Ank J. Steadyspear

All over the globe there is a pattern if you are black
If you are black many want us to step back
So much ignorant people why is that
Stop lights was designed by blacks
1875 to 1963 Garrett A Morgan he did that

Around the World many blacks are composed in sitting in the back
The police will stop you if your are black
Driving while black they will stop you for that... DWB is the label for that
Being black you get kill and no justice will come of that
Blacks on blacks... some blacks care nothing about that
They too would launch an attack because you are black
Alexander Miles another black 1887 he invented the elevator
Not many people knew that

Black ghost the Chinese say as they stepped back
Hawqui that's the word they used in expressing blacks
Buddha was black but they don't want to know that
A little boy asked if I was a monkey because I am black
Our children not learning the facts who will address that
Blood is red we all know that... but here is a little know fact
In 1940 the blood bank was invent by blacks
Dr Charles Drew he invented that

In Japan they love Reggae and Rap
In the train they took several step back when they saw I was black
In the Netherlands they too love Reggae and Rap
Apartheid & Slavery... there will be no forgetting of that
Karma will stop all evil tracks, people continue suffering because they are black
In 1832 Ice-cream was created by blacks
Augustus Jackson he made that... Mmmm tasty isn't that.
So much ignorant people why is that

Six Nuclear Evil Dutch


Ank J. Steadyspear

Oh I wish I was six nuclear bombs then the evil of holland would be an old song
On evil holland oh I wish I was the ultra bomb the causing balance back to full hue-mans
In & from the netherlands I see only demons here in the dutch land they walk as humans
I would be a kind & loving bomb only seeking the dutch demons the evil ones fake humans
Exploding humanity destroying capitality of abusing authority seeking only their prosperity
Inflecting pain & misery the silent victims drench red as dutch demons count their heads
The mood is true history of facts reveals many clues demon dutch causing humanís blues
From all the wars dutch got high revenues so they build a world court to hide their abuse

Palestine views, Indonesian muses, South Africa diamond abuse because the dutch rules
No more sweeping dirt with this old broom the web is clear I see true apartheid in the news
Oh I wish I was six ultra nuclear booms sweet sounds to clear the room these running stools
Demon dutch designed slave ships modern ones think nothing of it they are cold about it
For the dutch demons in styles economy in high pension funds for the masters of their lies
In ghetto paradise the lesser demons the vagabonds get dutch subsidy till they die no lie
Humans killing humans while the inhuman dutch demons smile having a demon time
The evil dutch living high none stop to ponder why America is to blame for acts of unkind

Evil dutch_ demon dutch after releasing the pox on the Americaís native flocks
The pilgrims sold the maps to the french & the british to anyone with the cash
When the dutch murder humans there is no questions on facts justice is blind bout that
Sadly many full-blacks-hue-mans celebrate thanksgiving on these attacks blinded blacks
With a pat on the back while the chain of currency increases the demon dutch stocks
WTC, stock exchange, demons designed that so dues are sent to dutch banks
Oh I wish I was_ wish I was_ wish I was the wave the mega blast to kick this evil ass
While roaming free the demon dutch these inhuman breed distilled great pain and misery

Oh I wish_ I wish, I wish, no more dutch demons on this beautiful planet of greenery
Their savagery, butchery, slavery by the wealthy are now covered by propaganda on tolerance to be,
Only a drastic action will free these demons to hell where they should be
Six nuclear for cleansing of humanity stagnate air so the evil dutch no longer in appear
Disappearing vapours balancing out the cosmic air the Karma on their evil it will be here
Oh I wish I was six nuclear bombs then the evil of holland would be in all the old songs

Cowboy Blues


Ank J. Steadyspear

Somewhere over the border I got the news
The woman I love has left to start life renew
Now I am feeling the cowboy blues a broken heart of abuse
Dusty Saddle in confused pondering what did I do
Was it something I said to cause her blues?
Was it something I did not do to stop her loving mood?
It was somewhere crossed the border I got the news
Now I am a lonely cowboy in sadness of blues itís hard to choose

As I clear the air from my chest to ease the stress the Turkey whiskey is the best
Bartender leave the bottle please worry not on my feet my hands will guide this treat
Spare the comfort for my life is a streak a sorrow soul of meek a shadow of weak
My heart has been abused I am a lonely sheep waiting for the wolves to eat
My sadness my blues itís no longer a news she has left to start her life renew
The cowboy style doesnít fit her mood so she abandoned our sacred rooms
Dusty Saddle in confused bewilder ponderment of what to do I am still loving you
Whiskey without the rocks to parch the history back when our arms were in locked

At the Rodeo we met now my heart is filled with regrets of the passing neglects
In comfort of haze on some sunny days in our younger days we strolled our way
Sometimes we had the afternoon rain from dry to wet to stop shivers we had to change
Such was the beauty those sweetly days as we laid in the barn on the warmth of the hay
To avoid the hell of pains we made promises of never to go astray now our life is a strain
No more loving mood the colour of our love has turned blue Dusty Saddle in confused
In sadness my dear so I use the spirit to sip away the pain of knowing you no longer care
This stallion without a mare truly life is not fair how easily our foundation disappeared

Like the buffalos on the range and the lost wisdom of the sage itís so, so strange
Gone is the love we once shared my depressed rage a soul living in a cage
Of this madness to be in the carolling age without a key to set me free darkness is all I see
A wishing end internal crying red escalating pressure caused a swelling of the head
Seeking awareness from the dreams so on bending knees I asked forgiveness from she
However no answer came to me itís no longer a dream my hell is real she has left me
Another horizon another field itís not the same without she but no longer does she loves me
Now should I welcome this beauty saying hi to me so this pattern of love may abuse me?

Cowboy blues in sadness of love I lose across (?) the border I got the news
Now life in renew_ Dusty Saddle in confused pondering what to do
A state of muse killing the pain with some booze Cowboy blues
Loving abuse so whiskey is used to wash the mood itís hard to choose