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Silver Star


Iquique, Iquique, Chile

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Silver Star

When tonight is over,
no more hugs, no more kisses.
No more words of love to
heal my pain.

I don't want to believe in tomorrow.
For when I wake up,
you'll be gone.
And I'll run a great distance
and reach out my hand,
and never find you.

I'll think of yesterday,
I'll remember our love.
We met,we loved, we had each other.
But I wasn't sure if I loved you
as much as before.
Or my love is as strong as your love to me.

Today my feelings are confused,
but afraid to lose you tomorrow.
I don't believe in tomorrow.
I want this night to last forever
because we still have each other,
what we felt, what he had.

But tomorrow everything disappears quickly.
And I am afraid I won't remember you.
Afraid you'll forget our love;
vanishing the existence of our love of yesterday,
becoming tomorrow's nothing.



Silver Star

Today, you meet someone.
Tomorrow they're your friends,
and time flies unconsciously fast.
By the time you stop and think about it...
they're gone.

You don't know where, when,
or how or why.
But the only thing you wish
is to turn back time.
And say all you wanted to say,
or take back the things you
wish you never said.

But you disappointedly start to
think that there's no miracle
that would grant you that.
Or when you dial the phone,
against the fact that they're gone
hoping they'll be there.

But it's just another ungranted wish.
Weeks and months pass by, and then
the years go by too.
You still remember them, they're laughs...
But you wonder if they remember you.

But for now it's just a question
that remains unanswered.