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Jessica Stanton


Kamloops, BC, CA

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Jessica Stanton

who am i? i asked myself one day.
what am i doing here on this earth?
what is in store for my future?
what am i going to do next year?
what courses am i going to take?
where am i going to go to collage?
am i going to collage?
what am i going to be when i finish school?
will i make it through school?
who am i going to spend the rest of my life with?
how do i know if its the right person?
where will we live?
how will we support each other?
what about my children?
will i have kids?
will i be a good parent?
how many will i have?
what will i do for retirement?
what about when i canít take care of my self anymore?
will my family stand beside me?
continue loving me?
what will happen to me after i die?
where will i go?
heaven or hell?
have i been faithful enough to God?
has He really forgiven me?

yes, I have forgiven you.
I know where you will be going for eternity.
I know what will happen to you and your family.
I know about the good times and bad times in your life that are ahead.
I know what you will do after school and for the rest of your life.
I know who you are so trust in ME and ME alone!



Jessica Stanton

Iím tired and I am weary. I know you can hear my voice.

Iíve been running for so long. Yet Iím not going anywhere.

I come to you for healing. For your touch does restore.

You are waiting for me to come running back to you.

Well Iím finally on my way.

I can see the light clearly.

I am running to you.

Your arms are open wide.

Iím standing before your throne.

Naked and poor.

I have come to you.

And we both rejoice.