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Jessica L. Stanley


Newquay, England, UK

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Paper Towels


Jessica L. Stanley

I'll miss words written on paper towels
And sleeping cause there's nothing to do
I'll miss talking in bed for hours
And fighting for photographs of you
I'll miss short telephone conversations
And watching you shave when I wake
I'll miss cooking lessons in kitchens
And listening to each breath you take
But what I'll miss most when we're apart
And you only exist in the dreams I see
I'll miss the day I lost my heart
And you looked and found it for me.

For Lucian on Valentine's Day


Jessica L. Stanley

I don't need a specific day to show I love you
Or tell you just how much you mean to me
I'd say it every minute of every day if I needed to
But I think you know how happy you make me
If you looked deep in my heart you'd find
All the things I'm too frightened to say
Just in case there are doubts in your mind
I'll tell you exactly how I feel today

I wish I could explain to you all my fears
But I believe it would drive you away
And even an entire lifetime of tears
Couldn't bring you back to stay
I cannot have sweet dreams at night
Though you fill my day with happiness
I'm scared to think this feels so right
And no single part of me loves you less
I can't remember when I first saw your face
Now I love you more than anyone I've ever known
No one could ever take your place
Look how far our love has grown
My nightmares are only of losing you
Though I'd like to dream of us together
To me, I hope you'll always stay true
At least 'till tomorrow if not forever