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Leaf Stall


Rowville, Victoria, Australia

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dying for love


Leaf Stall

Feel the gentil waves cress apon your toes,
as you sink slowly into the soft wet sand,
when you stand apon the sandy shore and taste the salt on your
priceless lip,
when he hear his name being called one last time.
as his heart pounds in his chest the thrill and the rush of dying in the sea
as the waves beat aganist his body as he gentily leaves his soul behind and his sprit combind
mirror moon soft and sweet sent a memory of him die passed my feet
the shock the pain of his name slowly beeing called away from me as the last wave washes him away
i can here people say it was my fault they say it was because of me
but it was the break we should give to all who take they took his soul they took his life now im taking mine to
cure the ache in my empty soul forgive him for dying forgive me for crying as the day breaks..

fear to breathe


Leaf Stall

As occasion turns to conversation
the stibilty of intamacy within an otherwise meanless world
the mouth takes to breathe intasipating the hope for an identy
only as the air becomes thin the moment becomes threating for such a breathe induces a choke demanding one swallow the pain of tradiges gone by along with shadows seemly before they've arrived taken back by this fear to breathe.