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Jill Stadther


Berkley, MI, US

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Dream Maker


Jill Stadther

Dream Maker
A withered old man is he, a long life of many he sees
He is my keeper and my guard, his heart is soft, but his mind is hard.
My Dream Maker:
Thy love
Thy wife
Thy bed
Why do thou stay inside my head?
Come out
Come out, where ever you are.
Come out
Come on, I wont take thou far.
Beneath the oceans and beyond the sky,
You'll give thou lesson and I shall fly.
I shall call thou my master, thou shall call me thy slave,
For this glorious name I shall crave.
Dont make me wake up!
For I shall sleep,
Back into my dream is where I'll creep.

angel above me


Jill Stadther

i saw angel above me
standing in the light
her eyes with a glance
set my heart in a trance
the sweet music made my feet dance
was i in heaven or hell
but where was i going next to live out or die
when tears left has i cry for her to come back to me
blinded from passion and her glance
seeing slip into the night
the moon pale light
took me away
far in the hills of night
i slept for ages
woke up in cages
where am i now or then
when i heard the clock stuck ten
the angel called me ben