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Machilipatnam, AP, India

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a novel life



IEspy a bright face with seraphic charm
glossy pink lips and tenderness of juvenescence.
I feel a divine message without a sound
there the soul slumbering unruffled on this
flamboyant flower bed. The body embellished
only for the soil`s sake.
And the embalmed spices for stink`s sake.
Ready to move beneath six feet of earth,
The gateway to the eternal soul for a
fresh start of novel life into the eternal
The sentiments, the worldly opulence, the
Earthly fame it doesn`t take it leaves
behind only the shrieks of the devastated
Loved ones. The soul makes but futile
Attempts to console its kith and kin
Alas! that soft milky face shall only be
food for worms. Grave is but a fine and
private place but none I think embrace it