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Priya Sreedaran


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Priya Sreedaran

The pioneer painter after working and toiling
to produce azure skies and orange suns
resilient peaks with cascading waterfalls
green grasslands in which children run.
Set out to create the ultimate masterpiece
one which was commonplace yet rare to find.
Something to gladden the heavy heart.
Magic, simply one of its kind.
A breathtaking blend of seven beautiful colours
set in harmony(not a hotchpotch or farrago).
Seven different shades for seven feelings.
He decided to christen it "The Rainbow".
Violet in the vivacity of frolicking flowers
Indigo when proud peacocks prance in the rain
Blue as in the calm of a gentle,assured sea
Green face of man trying to top God in vain
Yellow seen in the dazzle of a bright smile
Orange energy of a million hopes and dreams
and finally Red--the passion of young lovers
A splendid finishing touch;it would seem.