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Peter John Sprenkeler


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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The Futility (of War)


Peter John Sprenkeler

The futility of war so obvious it stands,
What does it achieve futility demands.
Hatred, anger, violence in so many lands,
For reasons that very few understand.

You may win a war by military might,
But what will the orphans dream of tonight?
The enemy is vanquished_unable to fight,
Do you think this victory has made matters right?

And what of the wounded the mad the blind,
What side they were on?not on their minds.
What of the widows_thousands you’ll find,
Of war they would utter nothing that is kind.

And the children with no fathers_from both sides,
Do you figure they care where victory resides?
They want their dads to play on the slides,
They’ll never see him again_to love or confide.

So tell me if you can that war has a friend!
Tell me Fathers Days don’t ever end!
Tell me orphans hearts one day will mend!
Tell the widows, where the anniversary cards to send!