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Eileen Spindler


Great Falls, MT, US

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Dolphin Diner


Eileen Spindler

Dolphins Dine in the dolphin diner,
dining there could not be finer.
they know the prices are just right,
the diner is open day and night.
the waiters do not give you a fright,
they take your order without a fight.
the starfish soup is a rare treat,
and the jellyfish jam is tart but sweet.
why not order a manta ray steak,
and for dessert have seaweed cake.
get a table with coral reef view,
and pick a piece of anemone stew.
if you're thristyand need a drink,
why not try some octopus ink.
when you are done just give a holler,
and pay the bill with a big sand dollar.