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Colin Spadoni


Auckland, NZ

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Villains Against Purity


Colin Spadoni

Over time you've proven yourself,

Worthy of your conscience.

Even though you have been cast in doubt,

By villains against purity, you've triumphed.

Let your light shine upon them,

Even in darkness let them forbear.

So when the bell tolls its call,

They too would have known someone like you.

Your mind is steadfast by your lips that heal,

Your strength is best received when you kneel.

In time they will find the richness of your mind,

And know that you will never be unfaithful.

King Of The Cheaters


Colin Spadoni

She declares me King of the Cheaters,

My royal queen insists on this.

She crowns me with all her wisdom,

Her cunning clergy insists on this.

My castle a hysterical palace,

Of her jovial jesters joking about this.

I declare myself King of the Cheaters,

My unfaithful queen has made me this.

New Love


Colin Spadoni

Once again I found Love,

Sitting on a pedestal so high.

She called my name,

Caressed my thoughts.

I tried to resist her,

Pushing her away, she fought.

I tried to explain my pain,

My memories of hurt.

She understood and smiled,

Knowing that she has me.

Now, I am once again a slave,

To her charms.

Another Life


Colin Spadoni

These wooden curves of this shapely dome,
Chromed with subtle petals prone.

Holds a body, once so often, was full of zest,
Now a face, with a smile, forever rests.

>From heavenly-house sent forth to God,
Where every soul awaits to board.

While all of us in loneliness bear,
Soft spoken words of our hearts' despair.

God's single footprints carry His crew,
To one place special for me and for you.

Little Angel


Colin Spadoni

This little angel is who we are,
Some parts yours and some parts mine.

This little angel is all we are,
Each small fold is gold by far.

This little angel has extension in mind,
As tall as blessings of his Maker divine.

This angel knows us too well,
With his every yell he'll untimely tell.

This little angel is whom we share,
Cradled, cuddled and forever in our care.

Teenage Love


Colin Spadoni

I love you dearly,
And you and you and you!

I love you honestly,
And you and you and you!

I love you humbly,
And you and you and you!

I love you forever,
And you and you and you!

Passing Love


Colin Spadoni

In passing sights in which love was held,
Endless moments of beauty now cold.

In approach I look with pulsing memory,
It draws nearer!

Then, in passing to my heart's relief,
I fight the clutches which grab me back.

I am now free until in distant sight,
Appear yet another to cause me a tear.



Colin Spadoni

In adopted time that have passed in care,
I have met a few of you.
With chisels you've carved at every part,
To form and mould whom once was there.

Sometimes I did forget your worth,
And hid behind charades that hurt.
But when in need you reappeared,
To guide me through my tears and fears.

Now in another I search for you!
This time graciously to bow to you,
To thank you dearly for what you have done.
I know GOD will get you! Excuse the pun.

These Difficult Times


Colin Spadoni

How I wish to call you now,
Call your name, through these difficult times.

How I wish to hold your hand,
Hold your hand, through these difficult times.

How I wish to sit by you,
Sit by you, through these difficult times.

How I wish lay by you,
Lay by you, through these difficult times.

How I wish to share your pain,
Share your pain, through these difficult times.

How I wish to follow you to Him,
To follow you to Him, through these difficult times.

Spirals of Love


Colin Spadoni

Our love has gone and silent are we.
And soon someone will know there's room.

Our love has gone and sad are we.
And soon someone will know our gloom.

Our love has gone and spirals are we.
And soon someone will be hurt by our tune.

Marking Books


Colin Spadoni

I grab my pen and off to battle I go,
To pierce each vulnerable letter lost.

Destroying words with might and force,
Each stroke I strike to heal.

But bloodshed fill these paging battlefields,
Of wisdom and time desperately spent.

And fear upon the next great war,
These soldiers come to score.



Colin Spadoni

These stone walls of my world in store:

Christmas, New Year, and God know more!

These ten pillars set me free,

Each one in scripture minus the three.

The Eighth Day


Colin Spadoni

God created waiting:

Each grain of sand,

Each drop of water,

Each living matter,

Waiting to be changed

Fallen Wishes


Colin Spadoni

A flip for fun we spun and spun,

Falling wishes has just begun.

Together we plonk and disappear,

To gather among the others dear.