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Kenneth Sorensen


Asker, Norway

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Kenneth Sorensen

She pass by him, thinking
He feels her, yes
ahh, what a sculpture!
inhale her
She feel his eyes
like an oriental meal.
warming her all the way
Her presence is like
to her heart.
innumerable roses in the wind.
He is strong
She is fair
like an old beech-three,
like mother earth,
she thinks and drift
he thinks and drift



Kenneth Sorensen

Your sugar sweet words
crawls silently from your
soft tounge
past your scary teeth
into freedom .
My ears are filled with
your voice ,
turning burning red.
You r hands hit me
like sunrays one wintermorning
Slowly my heart melts
into a brand new
Birdsong in the air
and inside heat rises me
from the ground.
Ahh dear,
hold around me
and let me never fall.