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Gandikota Somayajulu


Vienna, Austria

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Oh! "Nature"


Gandikota Somayajulu

I pray to THEE to pardon my sin
Of arrogance of a thought that
I can make you work at my command.

The civilisation started with prayers to YOU
Irrespective of the religious faiths
The Hindus prayed to the "panchabhutas"-
Vayu(air), and Akasa(ether).
The Greeks to the Sun God...
The Zoroastrians to the Fire...

Man progressed in Science and Technology
To make his living easier and comfortable
But what happened in this process?
The fittest survived-the weakest perished.

Man could wander in space
Could land on Moon
Could produce new materials in space
Could create life in test tube
Could produce the genes at will
For the benefit of Mankind?
A difficult question to answer
An important question to ponder.
Let us pause a while to kindle a thought.

What is happening to the "Panchabhutas"?
The water that was used is not replenished,
The trees that were cut are not grown,
The air is no more the one we filled our
lungs with yesterday
The complex chemicals, organics, inorganics
wander everywhere
And combine into a poisonous brew
Creating holes,causing threat of radiation
And fear of green house effect that may
Cause an ice age and sing a song of end of life.

Let me question my nature
Can I change my nature of working
So as not to change the balance of NATURE?
Think for a change. Oh,my nature!
To enable me to protect NATURE.

NATURE --- Environment around us
nature --- The way of doing

The Trio in Rio


Gandikota Somayajulu

Glad to meet you in RIO
Oh! Wise Human!
We are the Trio ... Messrs.Air,Water and Soil.

Allow us the Trio
To grow with you
In quantity and quality.

We are constant companions to you
In your endeavours to evolve
Over millions of years
From a single cell with just life
To a colossal giant with every might!

May be Darwin is right
For survival might is right
But alas!Can it be an eternal right?
Oh!North and South,Rich and Poor,
Have we to suffer for your growth?

When the Bio is at deadlock in RIO
We are in RIO
To seek justice!
Why donot you wake up, oh! Human race!
And try to make up.

Allow us to do our duty
At the order of the Almighty
To let live every life
A Life of Quality.

Water... Water... Everywhere


Gandikota Somayajulu

Coleridge, the poet once said
" Water...Water... Everywhere
Not any drop to drink".
Maybe, he imagined
The plight of the thirsty
Navigator on the high seas.

The scientist now threatens to say
"Water...Water... Everywhere
Not many drops fit to drink".
Sure, he knows the facts
That pollution is striking
Its discordant notes.

Water so sacred
Once worshipped with reverence
And treated with respect
For originating all life and sustaining it
And nourishing the human race
And allowing it to flourish on its shores;

Water so humble
Seeking always the lowest level
And serving all +levels' of people
Suffering heat and cold
To serve in all three states of matter
Solid, liquid and vapour;

Water so co-operative
Obeying your commands
To take any shape
To flow anywhere under pressure
Up, down, and at different angles
Across the continents and in space;

Water so sportive
Allowing one to ski and swim
Allowing one to ride and dive
Even getting subjected to a molecular break
Into hydrogen and oxygen,
Only to serve one as an energy source.

But alas! To such water, are we fair?
The greedy humans
Won't allow it a peaceful life,
Won't allow it a pure and a pious life.
They change the course of rivers and streams,
And it obeys, to serve the human race;
They abuse physically, chemically and biologically
And it bears, only to serve one in purified state.

They mix it with all pollutants and toxic chemicals.
Now it resists
It changes its colour,
It changes its taste,
And puts an unsigned board
"Keep off - Not fit for you"
Only in the interest of innocent life
As a caution of fatal danger.

Man progresses fast in science and technology
And is conscious of his positive achievements
And interferes with the original balance of nature
And is blamed as the depredator of environment.
But does he have +unlimited' abilities?
And solutions to all problems that arise
That too in a limited time frame?

Let us realize that limitations do exist
And problems multiply, evading solutions.
Let us at least once be humble
And restore "status quo ante"
And handle water with reverence
With enlightened self-interest.

Awake! Oh Conscience!


Gandikota Somayajulu

Awake! The inner Conscience in Man that moulds the human behaviour

Lead the Man on the Path of Wisdom and Virtues
To benefit the masses of all classes.
Awake! Oh conscience! Awake!

Are not the heinous crimes committed by terrorists seen by you?
Are not the pangs of painful starvations heard by you?
Oh Conscience! Why are you lying dormant?

Recall to Man his glorious past of wisdom
That created great epics defining the code of moral conduct
Remind Man of his scientific and technological achievements
That put man in space
That created life in a test tube.
What for these achievements
If they cannot help Man to help Man?
Oh Conscience! Why are you keeping silent?

Activate the thought process in Man that leads to good deeds
Create the realisation of equality in Man that leads to peaceful coexistence
Kindle the national spirit in Man that leads to progress
Teach the fearless approach to Man that leads to upholding the Truth

Induce social awareness in Man that leads to healthy environment
Ensure passing on benefits of Science and Technology to a Man who loves peace
Preach that religion to Man that practices humanistic approach
Oh Conscience! Awake!

Lead the Man on the righteous path of knowledge that eradicates social injustice
Only then disappear the disparities in society
Only then the social order establishes
And assures Universal Brotherhood.
Oh Conscience! Awake!
Lead kindly Man to help Man.

Eternal Thoughts


Gandikota Somayajulu

Once when I am in a pensive mood
I asked myself 'when I am born?'
Too complex a question to answer
An important question to reflect upon, in reality.

"When am I born?"
Maybe, dating back in time much farther
Than the birthtime of the world's first human,
With my origins linked, perhaps,
To the ancient one-celled organism of this universe
That first dominated the early life-atlas.

The calendar for me is out of date
In these predestined cycles of cosmic events
Far, this life is transitory from
One planet to another planet.

I know not when I landed
On this wonderful planet, the Earth,
I know only that I am given a name
For daily use, through this life's journey.

In the pursuit of knowledge about You, Oh! God!
I sometimes doubt, if I was ever born
Since I do not want to realize the fact
That all born have to end somehow, somewhere.

I know not Life's divine secrets in this body,
And I feel, I breathe an immortal breath.
Often I swear that I shall never die!
Being blessed with kindness and joy by You, Oh! God!

In all humility I wish to state
I hope to dream and act
And be alive for many years to come
And leave behind the desires of a weary mind
Always aching to express the agony through the years that pass.

The years left behind are wonderful
Since, in my heart, I know what they are.
The years ahead of me should also be wonderful
Since, in my heart, I believe they should be so,
With all the spiritual confidence in me.

Now let me write down with a stable hand,
With stability that comes out of my pure and pious life
The life that is always languishing to realize
What is the motive force behind this life?

When thoughts of You, Oh! God!
Pass by in split second through my mind
What a serene and bright image I visualize
How deeply I wish I can put it in words
To be able to read again and again
With a selfish wish that You always remain in my vision
And guide me through this life
With the thoughts about You and only You!

The little pride that is in me
That I have done wonderful things in this life
Should burn off with a thought about You
I bow down to You in reverence, Oh! God!
Seeking forgiveness for my acts of folly.

In all humility I wish to state
I hope to dream and act and be alive
To write a few songs on Thy praise!
And Thy glory and on Thy compassion!
And sing them from the depths of my heart, with its beats
In tune with the vibrations of Thy presence
Here! There! And Everywhere!



Gandikota Somayajulu

The universe originated with a sound
With nature's voices around
The humans arrived
And words descended
For intercommunication and prayers to God.
No tunes but tones and words
Sticks and reed pipes produced the sounds.
Abodes of God and courts of kings
Provided the places to sing.
* * *
The Vedic chants, psalms, hymns and suras
Have music in them the way they are rendered
And devoted instruments for solo and group singing
Enhanced their spiritual richness in musical sounds.
* * *
Then came on the horizon
The theory of music
Based on the sounds of nature,
And of its live species
Aided by astronomers and mathematicians
Who defined and bridged the relationship
Between Man and Universe
The microcosm and the macrocosm.
* * *
Harmonic divisions of a stretched string
Created four intervals with a defined ratio
Unison for 1:1
Octave for 1:2
Fifth for 2:3
And fourth for 3:4
Alas, all these correlated to the four seasons
Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn
Thus giving life to science of harmonics
And principles of music scales and notes
That created powerful contacts
With powers of the invisible world and helped
In uniting one's own will
With the will of Nature and God.
* * *
Centuries after centuries of devoted pursuits
By the blessed scientists and artists
Correlated the time intervals and voice intonations
That please the ear and elevate
The human to transcendental realms
Not to exclude the plants and the animals
That responded to the spell of music.
* * *
Music of sounds that bore the stamp individual,
Secular, regional, religious and spiritual,
Rich in vocabulary set to
A few to several thousand hertz
The musical scales and notes, majors and minors

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do
Or C D E F G A B C
Or Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa, or others,
Songs of joy, with and without words,
Emanated from human voice, the most
Expressive of all musical instruments,
Musical interests and listening tastes,
Melodies and rhythms galore,
Created instruments with wider spectra.
* * *
Came late nineteenth century
Appeared on the scene the cylinder-playing phonograph
Soon gave birth to 'His Master's Voice'
Followed the shellac having music on etched grooves
Led to the birth of the gramophone.
Science and technology supported the pleasing sounds
Through different periods of music from
Antiquity to Middle Ages to Renaissance
Baroque, Romanticism and a host of other revolutions
Leading to an all-organized music
Through the twentieth century.
The monos and stereos, and tapes
Electronic sound synthesizing and computing,
Analog to digital conversions
Compact discs to music audios and videos
Ruling the music scene
And making a proud and sound march
Into the 21st century.
* * *
Fusion of poetry, music, art and stage craft
Made the music of sounds a total art work,
In symphonies, operas, dances and dramas
With orchestral music in ethnic folk, gusty pop
Popular classical and remix craze
Ruling the music days and nights.
Artists, writers, musicians and technicians
Influence each other and globalize the music world.
* * *
Advances in scientific knowledge
And the technological innovations
Invaded and revolutionized the music of the universe.
Creation and synthesis of sacred root sounds
With vibration of the alpha brain waves
And other primal bio-energies in human systems
Stimulate the vital energy centres
And soothe the human bio-architecture
And open the pathway to personal transcendance
And awaken the higher levels of consciousness
Resulting in deeper insights into
One's own self and the fuller meaning of life
Thus contributing to positive thinking
And living in harmony with nature and humanity.