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Penny Solorzano


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Penny Solorzano

If freedom, reigns above all else, oh why, oh why did I marry?
Was stable home the driving force or need for children to carry?
I think it was desire to form a bond not easily broken,
For intimate, enduring love, not romance merely token.

Before this bond, I made a trail of romance left half chewed,
A long and hapless line of broken hearts I once pursued.
Until the point when I could not from intimacy hide,
I needed to embrace a love in which I could confide.

Yet still there is the bird in me that longs to spread her wings,
The tender touch of someone new caressing my heart strings.
The spark of newly kindled love that makes me feel alive,
Is something that I canít deny, It makes my spirit thrive.

But is it fair to be attached yet keep pursuing habit?
Is it really possible to eat my cake and grab it?
Can we really draw a line that up to which is fair?
A line that separates clean fun from having an affair.

I guess it really does depend on how your partner feels,
In all the fear of losing love that jealousy reveals.
For if they feel secure with you and know that you wonít leave,
Then maybe they can set you free and in your love believe.



Penny Solorzano

The night we wined and dined and kissed
Your lips were sweet with wine
They spoke my name with silver tones
As if it were divine

Your velvet moves and tender touch
Suspended appredhension
Intoxicating silent words
Transcended comprehension

I drank you deep with thirsty lips
Until each drop was gone
My cup was dry, my mind confused
I wondered what went wrong

And as the haze cleared from my eyes
I realized it's over
You had me drunk for fourteen days
But now I'm stone cold sober