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Julieva Famejud Solimen


Baguio, Cordillera Administrative Region, Philippines

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My Great Appeaser


Julieva Famejud Solimen

To look deeper than the colour of things is a fantasy

Exploring deeper thoughts and meanings is not superficial

To whist ourselves is just as natural as reflections

When we use all these itís called soulful pleasure and fun

If you say you donít need any of these youíre extremely unsensual"

Confession: My Great Appeaser

You may think these are peevish scenes on my mind

But thereís nothing wrong with what I feel inside

This reflects on my mind

They may say I am in a severe situation of a hopeless case

That sounds absurd who have foolish games and foolish dreams

But these are just the things I want to say_

When I sleep I summon you

The good sword of my soul

In each day you command me too

From the corners of my mind

You make me unwind on what pleasure I give to you

And pleasures you bring to me

They think Iím going wacky

They thought it isnít normal

And yes maybe Iím in my autistic world

Where there I can lay my hands in no control

Where my body and soul is free_.

So here comes the good sword of my soul

He cut me once

He cuts me thrice

But I never saw him in disguise

I felt all natural

Because the cuts are just so fine

Weíre saving this world for one

While our pleasures slowly run

Through these rainbow connections these fun has just begun

That time cometh and will be done__

Hello, My great appeaser

The good sword of my soul

At night you come and protect me from my nightmares

When you leave each morningís you say Iíll be just fine

It makes me remember and feel you from deep within_.

The rest of the day Iím just bounded by the good sword of my soul

My great Appeaser_..From this moment and on_..

They say itís very rude thing about me

I said No, itís not rude at all

For they may click and stick

But they sound incomplete.

What else to notify?

You can say what is relevant_.

Iíd rather be guilty and free

Do judge me or misjudge me

It wonít mislead me at all

I am who I am

This is my inner self speaking for anyone who listens well_.

I am saying this is me

I donít care whatever they think of me

Because when they laugh at me

I am laughing too

So we are all even_.

I am saying that if they have all the tools

Or the tool they just need in the real world

I donít care, I donít give a damn

Itís my tool Iím talking about

The good sword of my soul

The finest of all

Your solitary, tool in my dreams and fantasies

My great Appeaser_..

Iím living with you everyday

With those hopes and dreams

Youíre still not taking it away

This you may react

It is sad but true

I am just the woman who believes in you__

With you I believed

With you I only hoped

With you I am just me

With you who commands me

With you who I long for

With you who took me out of post

And make me run my own feet on the steering wheel.

No further questions asked

Youíre the one who can see me through

You who bring out the best and worst of me

You know, I know

You see, I see

You feel, I feel

That these are the plain truth between you and me_..

This is not even a poignant matter to me it will never be

Because for me you will always be

The good sword of my soul_..My great Appeaser__.