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Mike Sobkiw


Edmonton, AL, CA

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Through one man's eyes


Mike Sobkiw

Looking upon a rock
the world looks so red
the skies seem so dark
and the winds blow violently
but I sit alone admiring my own
world, a world of tears and smiles
A world in which time does not exist
The power of choice and the end of defeat
lie at my feet.I look upon my life
as a crystal, shows the spectrums of the
rainbow. Each color represents a journey
I once traveled
I again look upon that rock and ask
Is this the world I live in or just a dream
in which I sleep upon.



Mike Sobkiw

Eighteen, I am a man
but that night seemed
to shatter all joy
There I lay cold and blue
grasping for air
I scream, Dad!
I scream
The smell of fear
I scream
Why does it happen
There I lay
Blinded by reality
My mind controlled by
the substance
Never a again!
Never a again
There I lay
There I lay...