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Stephanie Jeanne Smith


Phoenix, AZ, US

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The Will


Stephanie Jeanne Smith

he worked hard
strived for the best
he began young like all the rest
handlin' the stick likr no other
weavin' and slidin'
ducking for cover

"I'm gonna make it Dad, I'm gonna make it"

on to high school now
number one on the team
always slappin' the puck
with a POW! POW! POW!

"I'm gonna make it Dad, I'm gonna make it"

on to college
to his dream
playin' for the Golden Eagles
went for the team
called his Dad

"I'm gonna make it Dad, I'm gonna make it"

openin' night
startin' for the Eagles
he proudly glides along the slick ice
his father stands with pride


seventeen seconds on the ice


gliding full speed
in to a wall that would soon paralize him
for life
Dad in tears
races down
passin' all the cheers
to his son's side
lyin' hoplessly on the ice
son looks in his father's eyes
proudly says
"I made it Dad, I made it"