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Stacey Smith


Corryton, TN, US

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Stacey Smith

A thousand words a minute.
A single thought a day.
The words can come so simple,
Just like we used to say
The power to know it all,
The way to see things through.
For a genius mind it's simple,
but for us it's hard to do.
The words and thoughts I remember, so many years ago,
Each of them, like different sound,
So many ways to go.

Reaching Light


Stacey Smith

Light, inconspicuous light.
The way to uncover the birth of life is light.
Reaching out. For something that you cannot
even begin to touch.
That silent beam. cutting through the clouds.
Like a ghost going through a wall.
The beam shines down to a place we only
dream of.
Still, as hopefully as hope itself, you reach out
to the one thing you need to see you through
your troubles and worries -
The spice of life that made you - LIGHT.