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Lora Smith


Cle Elum, WA. US

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Dying, or Already Dead?


Lora Smith

My mind reels
as the darkness of death
surrounds me.
It closes in slowly,
like a haze of fog,
engulfing my being,
robbing me of my
intellect and comprehension
of the world,
my world.

I claw and struggle
to free myself from
the screaming demons
and their chains.

As the evilness
swarms me, I fight
to keep the last rays
of my soul from descending into
the depths of hell.

Death comes to
meet me, greets
me with his cloak
of fire and darkness.
Covering me with
a cloud of hate,
pain, terror, and
until I can see
nothing, feel

I look down at my body
and see nothing.
My soul is gone now.
I only wish someplace
better than this earth, this
man-made hell,
but I am but
a forgotten now.

Multitudes of forgotten souls
surround me,
taunting me until
I am in my own
personal hell,
here on earth.

Life must go on for others,
do not bother to mourn me,
for I don't care for you to

Everyone dies; of course,
not everyone goes to heaven.
I was in hell before my body died.
I am at peace now,
spared and saved from
the terrors of the world.

Live in fear, or
die in peace.
I choose to die.



Lora Smith

I am but a body,
a mass
taking up space;
a singular
unimportant object
with no meaning,
a nothing.
You ask why
we are here,
I don't know
the answer, but
I pray for
each other.
Each of us just
a piece
of the great puzzle.
Used and manuevered by...
Good? Evil? Surely
we will never know...
until we die.
For then all
mysteries are revealed.
particles of nothing,
for we are
never will be anything.
Insignifigant parts of
a whole. The universe.
Extending for all eternity.
Though we die.
Created, then destroyed,
but forever here.
Dust after we die.
Dust before we died.
Dust, just



Lora Smith

Darkness clouds
my mind.
My thoughts;
scattered and
My heart;
uncapable of
affectionate emotions.
Heavyness looms
over my head.
The fear
as I sit,
attempting a thought,
My body
refuses to feel
at all.
Am I dead?
I feel so very
Unhealthy images
flood my brain.
Those of terror, corruption,
pain and
What has gone
within myself?
What have I
to feel, or
not feel
this way?
Why is this
Why me?
What is happening

Untitled 1


Lora Smith

Have I, Could I, Would I ever
find the light?
The light in which
to follow and be with,
forever, shining?
Have I, Could I, Would I ever
realize when I found
that spark?
That spark out of all
the dark and gloominess.
To adore with wonder.
Have I, Could I, Would I ever
make the effort to keep
the candle lit,
even in the dreary, harsh
Have I, Could I, Would I ever
douse the torch
from fear of light,
ending its life forever?



Lora Smith

Though reality shifts,
dreams never fade.
The mind does drift;
reality yet only delayed.

Dreams are reality
for thinkers alike,
with their mentality;
meerly that of a tike.

Reality's what you don't expect,
A dream, what you do;
Why then do you reject,
When you haven't a clue?

A dream in a dream is rare,
Yet a reality piled atop another
Is just to much to bear.
So again we look for cover.

Do people live in dreams,
and realize realities;
They're ripping at the seams
To transcend to our localities.



Lora Smith

As I look upon the twinkling
lights of another time
I feel strangely at peace.
They have a calming affect,
which enables me to free
my mind.
For hours I could watch
them, for they are ever-changing;
shifting, twinkling, beautiful.
As I stare with wonder
I realize even
out of the darkness
good things come.
So why fear what you first see,
the darkness, hen you
could look past it and find
the patches of light hidden