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Craig D Smith


Durban, South Africa

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State of The Nations


Craig D Smith

Part One - The Boy Who Cried Wolf

A boy lived near the mountain rocky
Full of attitude, he was cocky
Wants to win both rugby and hockey

Shouted that the wolf ate all the sheep
Made the whole world to read and to weep
And changed to a jump from a slow creep

To catch the wolf they cleared the whole field
Human rights laws were even repealed
Poor little lamb whose mother was killed

The field that burned had both sheep and nut
Even the goats were in a deep rut
Opened the wolf found naught in his gut

We kept on hearing of smoking gun
No champagne and cigars, that's a pun
The only smoke is from George's one

Oh! Look! how we've saved Red Riding Hood
Didn't I tell you, we would do good.
But alas, her plate has got no food.

Part Two - The Broken Tin Soldier

Down in the place where the sun shines bright
And drums can be heard all through the night
Lives another boy who likes to fight

Little boy from the place in the sun
Doesn't know how to have any fun
Always plays the part of the main one

Rather have tears than share in the joys
Will not play with all the other boys
Instead he breaks everybody's toys

Has to walk barefoot, cannot wear boots
Feet too big, like the guns which he shoots
At the working people whom he loots.

Beauty and The Beast


Craig D Smith

Water everywhere, not a drop to drink
Plastic, tin cans, floating; what do we think
Shortcut for sewerage and industrial waste
Open tap, water horrible to taste.

All along the sea-shore, beautiful shells
In all kinds of shapes from Tubas to Bells
Like you're looking for needles in haystacks
Among the wine bottles and cigarette packs.

I watch the foaming waves roll to the shore
I wish I could be here for evermore
But feel like I'm standing in a pig's pen
Will the beauty be seen never again?

Large signs all around read conservation
No evidence in implementation.

A Slow Creep


Craig D Smith

I marveled as I sat and watched
The little garden snail.
From where I sat I could barely see
Him move, I thought, Heíd fail!

But when I got up, closer drew
So clearly I could see;
He persevered albeit slow
I noticed him move tíward me.

Many things happen everyday
Results are what we do and say.
It is the very subtle change
Our values rearrange.



Craig D Smith

8 syllables per line, ABAB rhyming, last AABB

The road you walk is long and straight
You walk and sometimes, start to run
You wonder if you will be late
When you get there will you have fun

The load begins to show its weight
You want to rest, but must get done
The sun will set, you canít be late
A shorter path, there must be one

The road turns slightly, then you see
A crossroad with so many signs
You hurry so excitedly
'A shorter route, the choice is mine'

The first sign reads 'five minutes, West,
Beware of highway robbery'
The second reads 'Much place to rest,
Will take two minutes or twenty'

The third reads that the road is steep
But if youíre strong, 'six minutes max'
You donít know if to laugh or weep
The three routes each carry a tax

And so my friend, if you are sad
And sometimes feel your lot is bad
The choice you make has consequence
You must weigh up your options hence.

A Woman Overcomes Abuse


Craig D Smith

The sun shone brightly on the field
The earth was soft and fertile
Predictions of a genírous yield
Sow, then wait, a little while

ĎTwas dark inside the lonely room
Alone, no child, so forlorn
Visions of a night filled with doom
A dawn of jeers and harsh scorn

Please tell me why they so deride
Will I ever bare a child
Tears, there were none, but still she cried
On naked knees, humble, mild

He took a sickle to the field
Hired men to help him reap
She stood behind the window sealed
Nobody could hear her weep

He praised the earth and his own skill
Had the men build bigger barns
More men helped him the barns to fill
Women spun the cotton yarns

She wished heíd asked her to assist
Wished sheíd had a cotton dress
When she tried to speak heíd resist
And left her to clean his mess

Everyone came to celebrate
She was forced back in her room
The villagers thought he was great
They didnít care of her gloom

She sang a song of darkest night
A sound superb and profound
Her voice was greater than the light
And the heavy drumming sound

The festival abruptly stopped
Her song piercing ear and heart
Champagne bottles suddenly popped
A new life for her did start

She sang for every great event
And she travelled far and wide
Her husband had a letter sent
Smudged with tears to show he cried

Once worthless to a worthless man
Now precious to the nation
Sing because she knows she can
At every celebration.

Birth, Life and Death


Craig D Smith

A cold breeze, a bird singing
The first rays of sunlight bending through the atmosphere.
Tears and screaming
Then laughter, because baby is here

Walking and Talking
The wind blowing fresh, a dog barks
The sun is dim through the morning mist.
Baby talk and little footsteps
Tantrum, pounding walls with little fist.

The wind blows hard, the clouds threaten to burst
I cannot see the silver lining.
Everything moving so fast
Books and homework the time defining

Social Interaction
The rain falls hard, but suddenly stops
The sunís rays bring colour to the moist sky.
A bloody nose, school shirt torn
Get home, as friends and canít remember why.

High noon, shaded sun, partial eclipse
Smell of grass burning, veld fire.
Know whatís right and wrong
Must weigh against desire

Self Responsibility
Clear sky, light breeze
Can see the horizon in the far distance.
Yet the salesman asks me to sell,
My soul for a mere pittance

Trees bending in the strong wind
But after they return to upright
So the salesman I push away from
And resist him with all my might.

Springtime brings new life with it
Colourful flowers and boats in the lake
Singing of birds, barking of dogs
Baby crying, and laughing, keeping us awake
Falling, getting up seeking new paths
Experience and learning from my mistakes.

Winter comes again this time so severe
It is so dark and stormy, I canít see nor hear
Lightning and thunder fill the blackened sky
I know that the time has come for me to die
The storm dissipates, and calm fills the air
The clock on the wall says, there is no time to spare
I look back and count the thousands of hours
How many growing thorns, how many flowers

I look back at the clock, there is still a minute left
To share some joy and peace and bridge the open cleft
And now I close my eyes but to darkness more
But see instead the sunshine on the crystal shore.

The Girl With No Heart


Craig D Smith

A Parody of Sleeping Beauty

The door was always open
Until one day she lost the key.
And everyone who knew her
Loved her, so sweet was she.

The village Jack crashed through this door
One happy summerís night
And turned this heart of milk and honey
Into solid granite.

The village men no longer smiled
The women wore long veils
The cats got stuck up in the trees
And dogs didnít wag their tails

The sun was blackened by dark clouds
The curtains remained drawn.
Til one day prince Charming came by
And saw the people mourn.

So swift was he, leapt off his horse
Brandished the golden key
So tall, so handsome, and so bold
Yet smitten by her beauty

He knelt beside her lifeless bed
And then began to sing
So soft so gentle, so profound
His words new light did bring

Children singing, jumping playing
The village filled with laughter
That sunny day he took her hand
And lived happily ever after.

Christmas poem


Craig D Smith

Flashing lights and holiday music like 'White Christmas'
Playing loudly in the mall, it should be a festive mood
Yet through the lights and song there is a buzz
Of people rushing, stepping on toes, being rude

Another song plays, the words speak of a little child
Yet nobody stops to hear what it is about
Instead a mother red-faced and perspiring
Tries to control her child, should hear her shout

The gifts, the food, the drinks, the party hats
Being loaded in the trunk, after moneyís spent
Yet with all the happiness that these should bring
I see man and wife in heated argument

A driver rushing before the shops will close
Needs goods for the special Christmas lunch
Tries to steal a parking space from somebody else
The next I see him land a Christmas punch

Midnight the music blares to celebrate
The new day, being the 25th December
Yet morning dawns and they are all asleep
The gift of Christ they did not remember!

The Weary Traveller


Craig D Smith

Ring-ring ring-ring, I am so excited
Familiar sound, my soul is ignited
Wake up and reach out, to answer the phone
Open eyes óstill in hotel, all alone

Sitting at the table, sipping on wine
Reading the newspaper, and feeling fine
Your dinner is ready, the waitress says
Hotel food again, and for yet more days

Sitting on a park bench, watch children play
Sunshine and light breeze, on a Saturday
A little girl screams, her friend has caught her
I smileóget up, but sheís not my daughter

Toe The Crooked Line


Craig D Smith

Shame the present generation
A time of great tribulation
Competition, aggravation

Donít try to do the best you can
Ďstead be better than other man
The peaceful scientistís old adage:
"Characteristics of our age

Perfecting means, confusing goals"
Search for and making new loopholes
Removing from the troop their souls

To suit your needs, new laws you pass
Like looking at warped looking glass
The line was straight, has double joint
And so with that I pen my point.

Weltanschauung - A Petrarchan Sonnet


Craig D Smith

When at first I saw the grey horizon
I complained about the night being so dark
"Why did I come to this forsaken park?"
It was the wrong night that I had chosen.

Only a few stars, about a dozen
So tiny looking like a dying spark
The oil tanker, alone, like Noah's ark
Moved so slowly like the sea was frozen.

Head hanging low I walked toward the dune
Standing on the dune, I looked to the sea
Across the ocean a beam shining bright.
The blues suddenly left I changed my tune
The trees where I was, were curtains for me
Made it so dark I could not see the light.

A Crossroad in Time


Craig D Smith

Lifting the obstacle with all my might,
I sigh with relief to know itís gone.
And then I move a step forward
To find Iím faced with another one.

Nine years old I wish I were,
Things arenít getting any better here.
Help me move myself along,
Help me sing a happy song.

The past has come, the present now.
I sometimes cannot see the way
That I am walking. Itís almost dark -
Give me a lamp and oil I pray.

I see the children happy play
Tomorrow is just another day.
For adults tomorrow brings new fear
Nine years old I wish I were.

What to do, Oh! Where to go.
At the crossroad, which way to turn.
My Lord can help! This I know.
So, Why do I suffer, when will I learn.