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Dub Smith


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Dub Smith

We walk through fields of sorrow and pain
We look at sunshine but wish for rain
We feel sorry but to sad too cry
Touching our heartbeats wanting to die
hate the world as it is today

We taste the victory of empty minds
With our eyes open we’re to scared of what we find
Guns and bombs with hearts of stone
A soulless man with an eye to clone
Hate the world as it is today

Boarders and boundaries ruled by evil
Petty fights that make us weak and feeble
Tearless child in ruin and rubble
Our proud voices getting us into more trouble
Hate the world as it is today.

Walk through a crowed on an empty street
On a cold winters day you can still feel the heat
The look of tied on a desperate face
The blood of the innocent flowing to one place
hate the world as it is today

Animals built from iron and steel
The sword of lead which is made to kill
Dangerous dirt under your nose
A deadly play ground were know one goes
Why hate the world as it is today