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Jasper Smith


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Pearls of Love


Jasper Smith

Pearls of Fate

Thy love it be a shinning light, which sparkles through my fingers,
like sand be pearls-an oyster’s gem, come weave this dreamers linger;
Above the clouds lay roam our thunder, let rain damp not our lust,
inspire new seeds in charity’s faith, hidden-neath enchantments dust.

Let my eyes behold thy shrine of life, let me dance sweet-soul in-vortex ,
come tempt-my-fate be-destiny’s-child, let arrows not peirce our cortex.
This fortress-rare built-on love’s pure strand, yet many come sow it sedition,
cherish passions discrete, not treat as-be-meat, for humanity be just’s benediction.