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Craig D Smith


Durban, KZN, South Africa

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I Gave my Heart to you


Craig D Smith

I gave my heart to you
You gave your heart to me.
The winter brought in cold
But you gave warmth to me.

Although the days were gray
And everyone felt blue;
You never murmured once
But made my dreams come true.

The sun shines bright by day
But disappears at night;
And yet you are always
So radiant and bright.

On a deep night we yearn
For the stars in the sky,
Yet they cannot compare
With your beautiful eyes.

The beautiful winter Rose


Craig D Smith

'Twas late in winter when gardens are bare
And not a single smile did I behold.
But I encountered a face filled with cheer;
And my heart told me, Get Up! Be bold.

'Twas early in Spring when I saw my Rose,
Was sweeter than the sweetest flower could be.
Perfumes of roses and dew filled my nose,
While a soft and tender smile greeted me.

But now I sit and wonder how 'twill end:
Will she always be here, or just a dear friend.

Somewhere over the mountain


Craig D Smith

Somewhere over the mountain
Very close to the sea
My beloved sits in patience
While she waits for me.

I try my very best
To get close to her,
To take her in my arms
And to hold her near.

I struggle every day to
Reach the top of the hill
While my enemies close in
On me, ready to kill.

And even as I struggle
Up this hill so steep
My eyes begin to close
And it seems I fall asleep.

I hear the sound of the waves
Calling desperately to me.
And sometimes when high sun,
Her shadow I see.

My heart beats so much faster,
Every step up that I take.
And I pull the rope so tightly,
That it begins to break.

Puppy Love


Craig D Smith

Every single day, You came my way
I asked you to stay, But you always say nay.

You came into my life, Now you are someone's wife
I'm living through pain and strife, I have turned to the knife.

I used to meet you after school,
We'd hold hands at the swimming pool.
I used to feel o! so cool
But I didn't know I was your fool.



Craig D Smith

In just a little time, You say it's not so fine.
While saraband play on, so loud, You sit under dark cloud.

The Cage


Craig D Smith

The colour in his face had changed to pale,
And the sweat poured out like blood.
The air all around was hot and stale
While the river'd begun to flood.

The storm raged and the heat persisted
His eyes drooped were heavy and his head drooped
"Get up and fight" his heart insisted
But the movements of his body were looped

Strike Metal


Craig D Smith

You weld and weld for years and years
And just cannot improve;
You strike your rod as best you can
But can't get in the groove

You lift your helmut from your face
Should see how that spark flies;
Upon your clothes, all over the place
And even in your eyes.



Craig D Smith

- Temptation
Life was not too good
And I wondered if I should
But my conscience stood

- Pressure
I'm in no hurry
But you don't have to worry
We will still marry

- The Activist
He was caught at night
He could not put up a fight
They found him first light

- The thing
It goes up and down
It's movements are very smooth
It is sheer beauty

- Disappointed student
She sat with her books
For weeks burnt the midnight oil
She failed after toil

- Son of Man
He came to this earth
He was of heavenly birth
Was treated like dirt

- Group Areas
They wanted to stay
But they were driven away
It just does not pay

Conflict of Interest - A Sonnet of Lamentation


Craig D Smith

A soldier wipes his brow to clean the sweat
Within a minute it is soaking wet
He wished that he had not exposed his face
The sandstorm rose and did not show him grace.

The children playing with wild abandon
It's so hot that the boys don't have shirts on
The thunder rolled and then the rain poured down
Red muddy water had covered the ground.

A baby cries and rests on mother's breast
The time has come to close her eyes and rest
Silence broken the bomb has left the skies
Awoke the baby, shrapnel blinded eyes.

The paradox that war must bring us peace
Means production of weapons must all cease.

Monkey Invasion


Craig D Smith

The children laughed as they watched him jump
Over the fence the acrobat went
He climbed the tree with agility
Take no rest, his energy not spent.

He danced the jig for his audience
Used his curved feet to enhance his grip
Jumped down to the ground and swung around
With perfect balance, did not slip.

Only green bananas on the tree
All the same one in each hand he took
Swung around the tree he disappeared
The children did not know where to look.

Suddenly they screamed and tried to run
Heíd let go the branch, soared through the air
His long tail curved above his body
Crouched on the patio without a care.

Free, at last!


Craig D Smith

A poem written to coincide with the State of Nation Address, 9 February 2005.

Rising steam, from the ground
Burning grass, all around
Cannot see, bloodshot eyes
Cannot speak, only cries

Ten years on, celebrate
Raising hands, they gyrate
Fireworks, what a sight
Going on, `til midnight

Squatter camp, is on fire
The whole place, is a pyre
Seven dead, injured more
You canít see, heart thatís sore

There, across the road, you see electric poles
In the squatter camp, you smell the burning coals
Water, fetched with buckets from a distant place
Used for drinking, cooking and to wash her face

Fire hydrants, many, on a suburb street
Many spots along the road where dogs can meet
In the squatter camp portable toilets shared
If you want to go you should be very scared

You may want to ask: Why does she still live there?
Electricity, none; a toilet to share?
New South Africa: opportunity land
You see truckloads of bricks of cement and sand.

It was just that morning, she was so happy
Letters came from the municipality.
Hereís the sad story, she will ever tell
Baby cried that night, wasnít feeling well.

She had medicine in a box for her baby
Then she lit the candle so that she could see
Canít believe that yesterday she bought a sheet
And a big brown bowl with which to wash her feet

She placed the candle on a shaky table
Brightened her house, just larger than a stable
She checked the water bottle, it was empty
Put baby down, and ran to fill it quickly.

Two minutes later heard a loud explosion
She ran back, but was caught in the commotion
The sudden crowd was not enough to hold her
She forced her way, was what the neighbour told her.

So early in the morning on the cold ground
Oblivious to the drama all around
The firemen, the police and the doctor
Told her, but she still wants to get her daughter.