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Chelsea Smith


Crystal Lake Park, MO, US

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We Are the Same


Chelsea Smith

People are dying and people are born.
Trees are dying and trees are born.
If you think about it a very long time,
You will figure out that we are the same.

We call ours ages, we call theirs rings.
Rings or ages, we are the same.
Just think, think about it.

Trees change like us.
They change colors, we change our clothes.
In winter and fall they change.
In winter and fall we change.
We are the same, very alike.

We share things too.
We breathe in oxygen, and when we breathe out
We give trees carbon dioxide.
If we run out of trees, we will die.
We kill trees, but we can plant them too.

If you think about it for a long, long time,
You will think of more things.
Now you see that we are alike.



Chelsea Smith

What is homeless?
Some people say it's when you don't have a home.
I consider being homeless that, plus being invisible.

What is being invisible?
Some people say it's when you have super powers
And no one can see you.
I say it's when you feel you're not important.
You feel that everyone else is better than you,
And you're just horrible.

Every day homeless children die of childhood diseases
Because they don't have the money to pay for health care.
Usually children who are homeless don't grow up to be big
Because they don't have enough food.

Homeless need help.
Consider all the things you have,
And then think about if you didn't have that.
You wouldn't have any place to go to
When you get home from school,
No place to hang out with your friends,
Not even enough money to pay for a meal.
Many homeless people starve that way.

One way you could help is by serving a turkey dinner.
The people would be so grateful.
Anybody can help the homeless,
Old or young, big or small.
All it takes is caring.