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Angels Slayer


Port Talbot, South Wales, UK

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The last write to you


Angels Slayer

I'm sitting on the bedroom floor
writing this to you,
i try to find the words to say
how much pain you put me through.

Would you feel sorrow
would guilt consume you?
would you want to take it back
or say to hell with you?

I'm sitting on the bedroom floor
with tears in my eyes,
but when you read this
you will say its just a disguise.

You knew me forever
and that's what hurts the most,
i could call you for anything
but isn't that what friends are for?

I'm sitting on my bedroom floor
with a pen in my hand,
trying to put into words
how you never gave me a hand.

With my heart now broken
my faith hanging by a thread,
i hope your happy now
you just caused me death.

I'm sitting on the bedroom floor
its the last you'll hear from me,
I wont ask for help anymore
or for you to say sorry.

The pen starts to fall
as i write these last words
just remember your the cause,
you hurt me,
now its time for you to hurt too.



Angels Slayer

cry for me
thats all i ask
after what u did
its time for payback.
cry a little
cry alot
it doesnt matter
as long as i see tears drop.
cry a river
cry me a sea
its all i ask from me to thee.
cry so i know
that you feel
something for me
that is real.
ive cried my tears
the river has now gone dry
ive cried all i could
now im empty inside.
if u cry for me
i will see
that u actually feel.
a little pain
a little regret
it only takes one tear
to feel all that emptyness