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Amanda Mae Sinclair


Abbotsford, British Columbia, CA

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September 11, 2001


Amanda Mae Sinclair

Today was a day I would rather have missed
The lives of thousands of people lost in a cloud of dust and mist
I see the looks in other peoples eyes
They have never looked so lost
Who knew that our ideals of freedom would come at such a cost
People here accomplish dreams we live through them each day
Keep on dreaming America do not lose your way

Stained Glass


Amanda Mae Sinclair

My soul is like a window
My first years were a clear, clean, slate of glass
As I grew up, thick black lead lines started accumulating fast
Friends, enemies and family members each laid their line
Creating shapes and colors our relationships defined

The black lead lines caused divisions
That would heal or hurt my soul
Gradually the panes in the thousands of experiences
Would fill with different colors
That would eventually become a part of a larger whole

The red panes define love and passion
Gold panes are for moments treasured
Silver panes are gifts from god
I sometimes walked by with no insight whatsoever
Slowly a new color fills each and every pane
Lead lines enhance the picture of my life
And my soul is the one to gain

The good experiences and the bad
Were all meant to be a part
Of a work of art life created
When my soul first got its start

I dont pretend to know
What the big picture is quite yet
But I anxiously await the day it is revealed to me
When or if I pass gods final test

Forgive me for my faults lord
Bless those who caused me pain
And god please watch over my soul
It is filled with glass which is beautiful
Despite the fact that it is stained