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Tammy Silner


Buffalo, NY, US

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Tammy Silner

Our love is strong so why will it be destroyed?
I do not know. Do you need me anymore?
You will leave me and I'll never see you again.
You'll find someone new and I'll be a memory.
I'll be lost as a ship at sea.
They will crash against the rocks and no one will find the remains.
The ships will become a forgotten mystery.
The people will be lost.
Maybe some will swim to a deserted island and find love with another.
But, most will be lost at sea and die just as my heart will do.
People will say that they knew the victims of the ruthless waves.
They lie.
No one knows them.
People can never fully reveal their souls to another.
I do not want our love to die, but this you do not know.
You do not know how much I truly love you...My feelings you do not know.
Those people on the island, they are lucky.
They have their love, and their love is their life.
What is life without love? It is nothing.
You are dead.
Time is my nemesis and she will win.
She will steal my love from me and I will be dead to my heart.
I will resist and fight and cry but it will be in vain.
Nemesis is heartless and soon, I will be also.