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Dubai, Uae

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Your Soul



Your soul proud and shine
Sweet and warm in my mind
Is the idea of next line...
That's why, I am pretty and kind
Flying on yours spirit wind!

I will like to rain...
Just when I will be able to gain
My right to loug and to cry again
In the summer rain.
When I will hearing your refrain
Brightness,shine and plain
I will like to rain
With tears of your refrain...




Dscussing about one day...
A day before yesterday,
When someone tried to found his way
On his destiny.That's one , said:
Fore nothing in that life is more to pay
Than for everything!Thank you indeed!
I found all of those too late
When was opened blured gate
Of my mind
So long time closed by
Soul's wind
Which surrounded the sky
Gentle & kind
As the eye arrow on its fly.
Even it is a flower
Which will be of hateng object
Growing at the top of one tower
How you will found it direct
Tey will do with more power
By this way their shine will be greater
According with their hate,it will be forever
What about those with tandresse
With their kind soul of noblesse?
Their bright will be more... less,
But don't mind, they will"GOD BLESS"
For their kindly soul and nobless.
When they are worry
They will pray to Holly
Asking always their sorry
For those who are nobody.
Seeking to the sky
Kindly they will pray
Every night and day
How? Where? Why?
Listen!, whath they wil say
The sol of nobles everiday
When in front of the holly
For the beast of each one will pray
Being always worry
For the sunshine of everyday.




" Loving more & more Universes peace
Fighting with death's vampire’s teeth
Rescuing soul's spiritual deep breath
Till my body will be forever dismiss
My thoughts will write lines like this
=Against the Tyrannies
Always for peace
My mind forever will be
Of happiest life voice=
My eyes were crying in yesterday
They will show their shining since tomorrow
My voice was hoarse and tired today
Asking from everybody in anyway its sorrow.
I will be opening happiest large smile
Of my healthy & fresh language from tomorrow
Flying like a peace's bird over the world style
Giving a new way for all democracy's arrow
Over Rune, Danube, Volga, Mississippi Tiger & Nile
Nowhere will be found any mind closed or narrow
Covering my previous time always
My bitterer pearls, spherical tears
Make darkness my passed days
Foolish filled by worried and fears
My tears gained specials shapes
Sweet-bitterness like the grapes
Sometimes satiric , sometimes graves
Making life's events deeper & braves.
The grape's drops in their ways
During their nights and days
Doing my spirit more safety
Than always it has have to be
When it was leaded by crazy
Worse empowered people of tyrannies
Because of those my soul now saves
Forever of ephemera’s peace major fees
How you can see in whites pages
Written by creative and braves
Open minds of peoples in life's waves
Each tear drop is dark and shine
Hot and cold it will loose or wine
Mo you will have to have found in my line

Creativity distortion -
That's Of spirit tyranny
Which was
What it is
Or it never will be!
Worse emotion -
That's of soul tyranny
Which was
What it is
Or it never will be!
Physical ill condition -
That's body's tyranny
Which was
What it is
Or it will ever be!
Some time by tradition -
We named those diseases
Life saving in it evolution -
from it was not always easy

Power in Bradley hands
Earned by money
Or by power force
Not like donkey
Or may be hoarse
By tricky way
Making worse
Over any peoples and lands
It is life's tyranny
Which was
What it is
Or it never will be!
To run against intelligence's creativity
With threatening and different bad fees
It is happiest tyranny
Which was
What it is
And still to survive!

What happened when the tyranny was highest & deepest power
Over ours happiest moments of existing beauty and...lover
I can't forgot even if always I passed it over....& over!

Life saves a lot of tears
How all of us we are...
It's sliced all the fears
Passing by mind's fever,
With open eyes just fewer
Of opened minds & clever
Spirits surviving forever
From the death and war...

Life's save was never ever easy
From tyranny and diseases
That's why death incurables still to be busy
And tyrant's minds are all crazies.

Tyranny is not soft, heavy moderate or mild
It is always deepest, largest, biggest & wild
Only because of its existence in the world
Even some time it come- as tyranny of word

Its existence's is (not)important it will dominate by wrong minds
Going on the ways over the earth and peoples as the fired winds
Giving the strongest, deepest & largest power in the beast of death
Taking fastest of the peoples happiest life moments ,divine breath
Opening his largest moth, life's death, with its vampire teeth...
Will considering angelic life just took with it as normal fees
For fired time and not enough for ephemera’s wove hearing from peace

It will cut on the good minds
Of the heaven's saint peoples
Deeper and sharpest long edges
Running fast on the fired winds
Which has took life’s of verges

Intelligence creativity of the smallest inmate, shining or poor childhood
Was and still to be sliced faster by the hatred mind of beast... wild hood
Don't ask me ,please! Where? When? and never, ever forever Why?...Why?...Why...
Those were happened over the earth and peoples, just have a look over opened sky!
By this way lonely, honestly being you will see:
What means happiest lifestyle and what is tyranny
Which one is not only trying now everywhere to be
Because it existing strong nearest and far than me
For all of those which really want by himself to see
What we are able to do for peace in every moments ? Please tell me!
We are interested to keep happiest life and healthiest existence only!
Fired and sliced always and everywhere forever that wild beast of tyranny!

Fighting for peace and harmony
Only by the war of diplomacy
In the holly world of democracy
And never, nowhere, will died nobody
Those were. Those are. And still to be!
How much long time in my life I can see
Against which one I will try to fight. You see?
With my tools against world's biggest enemy:
Monstrous mind, wild soul's of beast- tyranny
Only by my works and the way of creativity...
With metaphoric words how each one can see.
How long time my life will let me to be
Like a lives over the branch of world's tree
That's why I always will respect the poetry
For its world's words of being happy.
Poetry is of words' queen and it will be
As the metaphoric queen's of the words
Which was on her highness and she will be
During the life's universe of the whole world
Smallest blossom of heaviest beast-tyranny

That is my short poem on its shortness of breath
Friendly you can read it now when it is on progress
Kindly touching of shinning spirits brightly breast
On its trying to do it heaviest, deeply and largely best
For peace's democracy and of life's healthy happiest





Your's soul desire,
Push my strong mind
Deepest on the fire
By the sun's finest wind
Rising fast by love's power
In my body shining tower
Coloured like heart's flower
Hearing always your's voice
I will melted me on your eyes




Life is a trinity
Not by religion, by dignity,
By its honest activity.
Body is the one
Soul is the second
The third is the mind.
Filling the sensation,
Emotion and temptation
Rising up the sentiments.
By the spirit reason
Giving to divine light..