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Daniel G. Sieberg


Victoria, BC, CA

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Breaking Ground


Daniel G. Sieberg

Mysterious eyes lend a dark disguise,
Hiding within like back-turned lies.
Lips that pierce through a moon-kissed sky,
Can it ever be, and he wonders why.

Desire runs like a river on high,
Over sloping deserts that soon run dry.
To have a moment as a grain of sand,
Would mean the world to this humbled man.

Tears roll down,
Soak a frown.
Give up all you know,
For a love that could grow,
Here on the Breaking Ground.
Here on the Breaking Ground.

It's always the sun that gets away,
To go and light up another day.
If I had the nerve to voice a sound,
I'd lift myself off this Breaking Ground.

It's not a late-run race,
That hides the face.
A thousand ships far gone,
Yet a million more are won.

Catch a fiery ride,
So deep down inside.
Stow away, the hands of fate,
The two sides of love and hate.

Beads cool down,
Calm a doubt.
Give up all you know,
For a love that could grow,
Here on the Breaking Ground.
Here on the Breaking Ground.
Here as we're Breaking Ground.

High Road Song


Daniel G. Sieberg

Twenty miles from Boston,
The lines are rollin' by.
Got a crash that I can live in,
As the headlights paint the sky.

Nothin' to see in the blowin's white,
As the shots settle in from late last night.
Lookin' for a new old sod,
As we close the gap on old Cape Cod.

Distance 'tween the people,
Who opened up my eyes,
From the whiskey to the steeples,
Life's never gonna pass me by.

It's the will of life,
It's the shots not taken,
It's the cost of strife,
It's the time to waken.

Oh, lead your heart away,
Take your hands from the wheel,
And the roadway steal
A piece of you today.

The last wish that I'll ever know,
Is to lay me down near a desert road.
So I can hear the dreams fly by,
Come to take me up to the midnight sky.

So when the gas is low,
And the miles are slow,
Just close your eyes and hum along
As the high road sings its open song.