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Sherry Shultz


Colorado Springs, CO, US

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My Sons


Sherry Shultz

Born of my soul as well as my flesh.
My affirmation that man will overcome evil.
Vessels of my heritage,
Hope for my immortality,
My gift to mankind, as well as my responsibility to my maker.
The center of my joy,
The source of my heartache,
The recipients of my dreams.

Salty Rain


Sherry Shultz

The salty rain of pain does just now cease to fall upon this troubled heart.

And the deafening thunder of terror has stopped pounding in the distance.

The once quick and piercing lightning of reality now only tingles at my existence.

The wind of passion that blew with hurricane force, is now only an errie stillness.

The steadily darkening cumulus hovers so low above the portholes of my soul, that I can no longer see the sunshine of hope.

This vessel that sailed upon the waters of life, sinks forever into the darkness...

The Magic Tree


Sherry Shultz

Come with me to to the magic tree,
where dreams of journeys are for free.
The unicorns still play about,
and the dinosaurs will never die out.

Up Up Up in the magic tree,
there's dreams enough for you and me.
A prince and a princess can fall in love,
and the grumpy giant hides out above.

We can travel to a wonderland,
or step lively in a marching band.
We can fly like kites above the crouds,
then take a nap on soft white clouds.

Up Up Up in the magic tree,
we can travel to anywhere we want to be.
We can visit castles and be brave knights.
We can slay the dragon and wear armor bright.

We can be the king of all the land,
or search for burried treasure in the sand.
We can climb the highest mountain peak,
or into a mouse hole we can sneak.

There's nothing that we can't be,
Up Up Up in the magic tree.
There's dreams enough for you and me,
Up Up Up in the magic tree.