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Douglas Shsecret


Chilliwack, BC, CA

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Douglas Shsecret

Depth of see ...or ocean
Perception shifting in my glance.
I trend toward wonder...seeing the see and the sea.

Mine eyes are brown, yet I see clearly.
Visual in syllable: I refrain from the two.
Partly frozen, the memory shows me.

White winters in our reason:
Logic of language and language of logic.
What do you maintain in thought?

Mastery of thinking...will to ponder.
Reference for numbers but haste in the method.
Formulae and equation to rightness while wrong.

Passion for freedom: which would you choose?
Sacrifice and balance becomes steadfast the mind.
Hunger comes by knowledge itself.

Depth of see ...or ocean.
Does it mean the same?
"See or ocean"...decision to decide.