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Scattered Leaves.



I'm waiting,...
Even though I'm not supposed to,
Just to get a glimpse of you.
But you decide not to turn up,
The way you always do.
As I make up my mind to leave,
A pop-up signals your arrival.
My heart skips a beat, for its you I get to meet
I quickly decide what shall be my first words,
Only to be greeted by denial.
Denial, to be spoken to.
Denial, to be loved by me.
Denial, to put your trust in me.
Oh well, another day, another start
Maybe one day when you turn around and look,
On the path that we had been treading,
You'll find me far behind you, gathering the scattered leaves
Maybe you will stop and stare, and come back to fetch me again,
and give my scattered leaves a home
Or maybe you will go your own way,
oblivious to what I feel and the leaves will be left for the wind to work upon.
But I will still be there, everyday, till you come and get me,
I'm waiting...