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Michelle Shoemake


Bakersfield, CA, US

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Dances With Wolves


Michelle Shoemake

Lying on my back watching the glirting clear sky,
she came upon me slick and sly,

only a baby at this moment,
but faster than the blink of an eye,

from a baby I raised her,
to the wonderful thing she is,

an Indian friend she had become,
and a lifetime she would last,

so I thought,
until the day of the midnight ride,

when struck by an envious hit from behind,
I went to place I had never been before,

and then I woke at the precise moment of the end of a long
time friendship,

out of fear and anger,
they had killed my best friend,

with the Indian name I had received I slowly turned my head
so the tears did not show,

and the wonderful thing she had become was no more,
and so too with the Dancing with Wolves under the midnight sky.