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Jack Shlubyjak


Brussels, Brabant, Belgium

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Away From Us All


Jack Shlubyjak

Lying there, together, while leaves fluthered around
their ugly bodies.
Scratching their faces & leaving dark traces, on their faces.
The ground dirty... of the rains short passed
and insects crawling up their naked legs.
Looking into each others soul with nothing...
of joy appearing on their faces,
Words silently thought, but,
filling their hart with such pain that even the
coldness of the leaves and the chillness of the wind
biting at their hands,
clasped in the mud was not, noticed by those two... creatures.
Their pain showing by,
the shaking of their smothered bodies.
Laughter could be heard from a prison nearby, the city.
That which they had long escaped,
just to find even more horror in the labyrinths of their minds.
A rock fell on the first, of the creatures,
freeing his blood unto his face and...showing,
two both men, that everything wanted free of them.
The rock fell behind him but his pain was ahead.
Standing straight he fell back near the rock,
his only friend.
He touched it, kissed it. He held it in his hands and
put it to his hart, but no more life,
could be given to their friendship.
He had lost his hart, he had forgotten it somewhere,
he didn't really care.
He looked his friend straight in the face and threw> the
rock in the air and again, it fell back on him.
Taking his blood to survive.
He looked down and saw the grave,
the rock/he had dug.
Silently he took silent stone.....
in his hands again, kissing it one more time,
trying to smile to it but..... only his breath made it> that far.
He lowered his arms & saw the other man stirr.
The blood flowed over his body, for the rock needed it nomore.
It slid to his arms and legs.
He crawled to the grave and looked up.
His head fell down but....his, was the picture of the dark forest.
The rest of the corpse tried to make it to the grave,
but it needed, just a little more blood.
The other man ran away and
shouted , his breath, he would give, next year...!