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Gandikota Chiranjeevi Shivakumar


Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

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Gandikota Chiranjeevi Shivakumar

Necessity is the mother of Invention
Only people with strong Motivation
Will be able to fight the Competition
So as to reach the doors of Elevation.

Inorder to reach the doors of Elevation
One may even violate the prevailing Rules and Regulation
Well for your kind Information
You will be facing with charges pertaining to Prosecution.

Instead follow the road to Meditation
It will teach you the Art of Concentration
Blessed with the fruits of Dedication
You will find yourself standing amidst Fame and Recognition.

This matured step towards Salvation
Will pave way for the Cremation
Of all your Ill-Thoughts and Action
Resulting in a grteater Sense of Satisfaction.



Gandikota Chiranjeevi Shivakumar

Friend's,..inspite of all the Barrier
I still do remember
The first time I spoke to her
With regard to the coarse of her career.

Hey, it is my Nature
To play the role of an Anchor
Who could,steer the Junior
Into the hearts of a Senior.

Well at this Juncture
Do not frame a Picture
B'cause it will highlight your Shabby Culture
By adding more fuel to the Rupture.



Gandikota Chiranjeevi Shivakumar

Behind every Wave, there is a Ocean.
Yes,it is indeed true.
Behind every man, there is Initiation.
Behind every women, there is Caution.
Behind every parent, there is Expectation.
Behind every teacher, there is Inspiration.

Behind every romeo, there is Fluctuation.
Behind every juliet, there is Processioin.

Behind every student, there is Aspiration.
Behind every leader, there is a Vision.
Above All...
Behind every nation, there is Population.

But then,..
Who is behind you?
Behind you,
There is a Crew.
Waiting,for you to View.
So that you could pay back their Due.

Beauty - A debate


Gandikota Chiranjeevi Shivakumar

Beauty is Skin-Deep
One must definitely have to Peep
Before he or she could become a clean Sweep
Otherwise they will have to Weep.

Also pyt efforts to Reap
The seeds to Leap
So that you could Keep
Memories of good days in Heap.



Gandikota Chiranjeevi Shivakumar

Absence makes the heart grow Fonder
It is not a Wonder
When one Does Surrender
To the Familiar Gender.

For the Familiar Gender
It is the moment to Render
The services of the Mender
With the help of a Reliable Messenger

Now get the situation Well-Under
So as to fill the heart with feelings Tender
Well, the rest is assured to the Reader
By this Heart-Conquering Narrator.