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Keith Sherrard


Smiths Falls, ON, CA

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Remember Me


Keith Sherrard

The rewards in life, they are very small
I, myself have the best reward of all
For all my life, I have done so much
Now the time has come, to be repayed as such!

When you needed a helpening hand, I was there
Wether you repayed me or not, I didn't care
So now my brain has broken down,
All I want to know, will you be around?

For my fate was delt a long way back
In that accident, my brain it did crack
I made my way through life you see
But I really wasn't who I used to be;

With this poem I end my story
People are helping, on the way to glory
The words in this poem, I hope they rhyme
So I'll be remembered with the passing of time!

starting over


Keith Sherrard

my,how time goes fast
the things I learned just don't last
The people I met the day before
Are not in my life no more

I don't think it is because my hair is grey
That seemed to take my memory away
It was that fatefull night in 1961
The other driver, this deed he done

It is quite a shame
I must try to live my life again
Lucky for me I done no wrong
So people will help me as I go along.

My Mind


Keith Sherrard

My mind is not very strong
Can it be because I don't know what is wrong
You don't suppose it is from the coffee
I drink all day long

People say my mind is weak
Because of some of the pleasures I seek
But if they were a cat scan, they could see
My mind just ain't what it used to be

A beer once in a while I take
What the hell,it gives my mind a break
A little love now and then
feels so good I want to do it again

Well my poem is over and I must go
what? I forget where I know
The pain I have had in this life I no
I am glad I forgot as on through life I go

The Trophy


Keith Sherrard

Here is your trophy, I heard the speaker say
Take it home to your house, put it on display.
I felt so proud as I got up, my friends all around
As I thanked the speaker for this, no one heard a sound

For I had worked oh so hard, to win this thing I had
For I had achieved, what I wanted it made me sad
Now what should I do next year to make me feel this way
For there is no one left here, it makes me sad I say

The trophies I have all locked up tight, in that trophy case
The things I won through all the years, was my life a waste
The things I wanted were worth waiting foe, you will see
Grandpa I am over here, please come and play with me!

My computer


Keith Sherrard

I like to write a poem,on this computer of mine
It makes me think of far away places,nearly all the time
I can write a story,long or maybe short
I can think of all those people in all those different ports

I can send email,and think who it could be
That would read my story,or send one to me
It could be a lonly person,reaching out as if to say
Help me forget my saddness,why should it be this way

I heard from a woman in Austraillia,about the land down under
When I look at the Globe It seems that way
I heard from someone in Alaska,a place mysterious to me
A place so cold,it's where I don't want to be

If I ever learn this damm computer,you will not hear from me
For I will be sleeping this time of night,where I should be
No sitting all alone in front of this screen of mine
Wondering who will send me a story,and be a friend all the time